Tips and Tricks: Realtime Data at your Fingertips via Kaseya Network Monitoring Toplists

Tech Notes

Toplists in Kaseya Network Monitor is summarized statistics that are updated in real time and contains a wealth of information that can answer many questions, for example

  • Which Windows server have the fastest increase in disk utilization the past day, week or month ?
  • Which switch have the biggest change in network traffic the latest month ?
  • Which web server have the slowest response time ?

Lets take a look at a real world example

Highest entries first sorting

Here we compare the CPU utilization period average of two different weeks. The list is sorted on monitors with the highest CPU utilization first.

Lets change this list to display the monitors with the biggest change:

Top movers sorting

This list now shows the entries that changed most between the two weeks, in descending order. As we can see, the object “Build” have a +4.29 % change and thus tops the list. Movers includes both negative and positive changes to previous compared period. Top climbers and top fallers sorts entries based on increese and decreasing values.

Top climbers sorting

Here we see that the object build still tops the list since it have had the highest increase in average CPU utilization compared to previous week. Selecting top fallers will turn this list around as shown in the image below.

Top fallers sorting

So why is this important, what problem do it solve ?

With toplists its very easy to spot trouble on the horizon and not when it actually stands next to you tapping you on the shoulder. For example you could show that a certain machine will run out of disk in X number of days or that network consumption have risen 20% compared to last month.

When I say that toplists are calculated in real time, I mean it. Take a close look at the object “Build” and its “Windows performance” monitor, it changes from 4.29 % to 4.28% between the time it takes me to snap the images. INM is capable of doing this, for tens of thousands of data channels without breaking a sweat.

The following metrics are collected and summarized into toplists:

  • Bandwidth usage
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • CPU utilization
  • Disk utilization
  • Fan speed
  • Free disk space
  • Free memory
  • Humidity
  • Memory utilization
  • Ping packet loss
  • Ping round trip time
  • Swap utilization
  • Temperature
  • Network transfer speed
  • Web site fetch time

In addition to this, toplists can be integrated in reports and embedded on the dashboard.

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