Just How Efficient is Your IT Systems Management?

This is the first in a series of 10 posts concerning the top IT systems management pain points. We’re starting with the most basic… the inefficiency of the break/fix model of operation.

Working on a break/fix basis and simply reacting to IT systems management problems isn’t the most efficient. These inefficiencies prevent you from providing robust IT services and adversely affect user satisfaction. The problem with the break/fix approach to IT systems management is that you don’t know you have a problem until a user is unable to perform his or her job. The most cost-effective solution is to solve network problems proactively before they become major issues. Through the use of real-time server and network monitoring systems, you can drastically reduce the number of problems that are capable of causing disruption to business operations.

Remote IT systems management solutions give IT administrators visibility into users’ systems regardless of physical location. From anywhere with an internet connection, you can update Windows security patches, deploy new software, upgrade existing applications or even run defrag scripts for regular maintenance. You can also monitor network performance and check for viruses, worms and spyware and then clean up hard drives if any security threats are found.

Chasing problems from machine to machine means your network isn’t being managed. It’s actually telling you how and where to spend your time. A proactive, preventive approach to IT systems management boosts efficiency, performance and availability.

Kaseya’s IT systems management products allow you to head off problems before they occur by ensuring all systems are maintained and updated regularly. By preventing fire drills, Kaseya makes IT manageable; greatly reducing tedious manual tasks and processes and enabling your staff to focus on the more important stuff… business-focused projects.

Next up in our series: The pain of working with multiple unintegrated IT management systems.

How affordable is Kaseya’s IT systems management solution for your IT operations? Click here to see for yourself.



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