Remote and Automated IT Systems Management. Make Life a Whole Lot Easier.

Remote, cost-effective IT systems management When it comes to IT systems management, not knowing what’s out on your organization’s networks exposes you to serious risk. Unlicensed IT systems management software installed by users is illegal and could lead to lawsuits or heavy fines. Unlicensed software is also unsupported, which can cause security, network performance and compatibility issues. On the flipside, over-provisioning can greatly reduce risk, but it’s an expensive and wasteful strategy… and it uses up needed bandwidth and server capacity.

You can’t manage what you don’t know you have. Whether it’s physical hardware or operating system components, approved software versions or unapproved software, you need up-to-date inventory information. Manual compilation and reconciliation of IT assets is effort-intensive and error-prone. Your team may manage multiple computers in multiple locations. You’re expected to know each machine by name and category and be able to provide per-department IT costing and inventory information. If your network has more than about 20 machines, managing those machines manually is difficult. But what if your team was utilizing a remote, automated and cost-effective IT systems management software solution instead? Say bye, bye to manual processes!

IT professionals challenged with tracking IT resources greatly benefit from an accurate, up-to-date hardware and software inventory of all servers, workstations and mobile computers on every network. Unfortunately, many IT administrators have one system for inventory, another for remote access and even a separate system just for chassis or serial number tracking.

Kaseya IT systems management can automatically audit your entire IT infrastructure and find machines whether they’re connected to the network or not, giving you unmatched visibility and access into every machine you manage. You know exactly what’s out there, what’s being used, what’s not being used, what’s secure and what’s vulnerable. You can even go in remotely and delete unwanted software, uninstall unnecessary hardware components and keep legitimate software updated. This allows you to secure the network, maximize resources and reduce risk.

Learn more on how remote and automated IT systems management can maximize resources, greatly improve security and reduce risk. Download this free whitepaper on the “Top 10 IT Systems Management Pain Points” and our solution for making your life easier.

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