Tips and Tricks: Use Kaseya for network monitoring of ESX, Cisco, Avaya, Juniper, Dell, Hp ….

Tech Notes

We have a great new MIB packaging to allow for robust network monitoring and systems monitoring with Kaseya Network Monitor. A new MIB file package for KNMv4 has been added to the download center. This package contains 29 MIB files  from different vendors such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Checkpoint, Avaya, Sonicwall, Riverbed, VMWare and Juniper.

The mib files we provide in this package can be used for monitoring network devices and systems including:
  • VOIP equipment
  • VMWare ESX servers
  • fans in a Cisco switches
  • a number of active VPN
And many many more metrics.

Remember that you will need to restart KNM after you have added the mib files to the \mibs directory.

New MIB compiler version

A new updated version of the MIB compiler will also be released in the next few days. This new version comes with allot of improvements, simplified GUI, better performance and a few bug fixes.

New version of the Kaseya MIB compiler
New version of the Kaseya MIB compiler

If you like what you’ve seen here try some of our free tools to get a better sense of how truly powerful Kaseya Network Monitor can be for your IT operation.

UPDATE:  Click here to download the MIB from our Community Resources.

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