Efficient Retail IT: Generate More Sales, New Customers and Make More Money

Retail organizations are faced with rapidly rising volumes of data. Efficient retail IT management of all that data is essential for optimizing staffing, planning retail promotions and ensuring that the right products are on the shelves when customers want them, but as retailers add capabilities and blur segments, IT problems can be even more demanding.

Today’s more customer-focused retailing approach is creating an explosion of information which drives tremendous growth in storage needs every year. Yet retail IT operating budgets, as a percentage of revenue, are among the lowest of any industry. The need to do more with less is a continuous requirement in retail IT. In order to do more with less, you must deliver a reliable, scalable foundation for a remote environment that is designed to deliver dependable and security-rich operations with centralized management of enterprise technologies across networks with multiple geographically-dispersed locations and thousands of devices.

Remote systems monitoring  can automatically flag systems for changes, disk capacity, protection violations, performance and downtime. Retail IT administrators can easily monitor event logs from a centralized management console to better analyze and fix recurring issues. Administrators can also identify potential problems before they become real problems, thus avoiding downtime.

Systems monitoring and alerts features can save time by making it easier to diagnose and fix network and system issues, as unresolved and recurring problems often result in unnecessary repairs and equipment upgrades. Remote monitoring eliminates the need to interrupt store personnel while they’re trying to keep shelves stocked, assist shoppers and efficiently complete transactions.

Retail IT administrators should not be thought of as interruptions and annoyances, but rather as valuable resources who can help turn information into insight, deliver better quality services more quickly, drive efficiency and manage risk.

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