What You Should be Looking for in a Bank IT Systems Management Solution

Banks have remote and branch office infrastructures requiring reliable and cost-effective IT systems management solutions that can scale with their growing needs. With a remote and automated bank IT systems management solution, banking IT departments can reduce the cost and complexity of managing remote and branch office environments while delivering higher levels of flexibility, availability and protection. By virtualizing either at the remote office or back to the datacenter, banks can leverage existing IT and personnel resources, thereby reducing cost, effort and downtime.

To say that managing the escalating complexity and operating costs of IT departments at growing community banks while ensuring business continuity for mission-critical applications is difficult is an understatement. But, it can be done and done effectively. Here’s how.

The combination of virtualization with a robust remote bank IT security solution can result in a reduced IT footprint, a simplified IT infrastructure and an improvement in the overall business continuity of the bank’s IT systems. Virtualization can also reduce IT costs for new hardware and software, reduce operating costs for electricity, cooling, and space and secure business continuity with real-time disaster recovery.

Though virtualization provides significant operational benefits, it changes the rules of the game. Virtualization management must address how changes or events within the bank IT security environment impact it’s computing environment. Virtualization creates an invisible, dynamic network infrastructure which results in new challenges such as resource allocation and data protection issues that have bank IT management implications. This is why it’s necessary to leverage IT automation tools to manage the virtual infrastructure and enforce strict banking business and IT policies.

Centralizing IT management for banks gives administrators a holistic view of all resources, arming them with the visibility to efficiently distribute resources as demand ebbs and flows. A bank IT security solution like Kaseya makes virtualization and cloud computing manageable by:

  • Enabling internal and FDIC regulatory compliance
  • Increasing the availability and reliability of banking systems and data
  • Improving the productivity of business staff in bank branches
  • Centralizing remote management and automating basic administrative tasks
  • Tracking inventory across branches giving IT staff a clearer picture of all assets
  • Providing reliable tools to proactively plug potential security holes

Are you looking to protect, comply and reduce costs? Learn more about how Kaseya is a perfect solution for bank IT security problems.

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