WEBINAR REPLAY: How to Create an Effective MSP Marketing Plan that Delivers Results


Webinar - How to Create an Effective MSP Marketing Plan that Delivers ResultsLed by MSP marketing expert Robin Robins of Technology Marketing Toolkit, this webinar presented key tips for creating an effective MSP marketing plan.

As a sneak peak of the session, Robin’s presentation on creating an MSP marketing plan covered:


  1.  How to start your marketing plan if you’ve never created one before
  2. What is the single most important question you need to answer about your business
  3. What are the critical numbers and percentages you’ll need to know
  4. How to draft a marketing budget and what – and where – to spend
  5. How to use blended media to attract more clients (including web, social media, e-mail, direct mail, telemarketing and more)
  6. What are the secrets to IMPLEMENTATION – and keeping your campaigns on track

In a further peak, the following is a short summary of a few of Robin’s MSP marketing tips:

  1.   Strategy – Robin describes why research is so important to select the right market  in defining your strategy, how to develop a message that reinforces your competitive advantage, why a financial model is necessary, and how to implement your strategy and build the outline of your tactical plan
  2.  Market – Hear how to define specifically (in 7 steps) who you want to attract as a customer, why it’s important, and why it’s so often misunderstood
  3.  Message – Robins shares the importance of a unique selling proposition and why it is the #1 question you must be able to answer when someone asks, “why should I choose you?”
  4.  Process & Tactics – Robin gives several examples of effective campaigns – both online and offline – and discusses how to use social channels.  She also describes how to manage the myriad of performance data and marketing information throughout your MSP organization

To hear the entire session, register and listen to the recording at you own pace, on your own time.  By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to create a more effective MSP marketing plan that helps you win more customers.

Let us know what you think.  And feel free to pass it along.  If you liked it and want more, check out our upcoming webinars(and archived ones, too).


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