Why K-12 Schools Need to Automate IT Systems Management

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To get a better sense of how K-12 schools view IT automation, we surveyed IT professionals, administrators and superintendents from 175 districts nationwide. Survey goals included finding out how deeply automation has penetrated the market, measuring attitudes about automation and determining what percentage of schools are exploring their automation options.

Download this report and explore the results of the survey, focus on the IT concerns expressed and outline why IT automation delivers tremendous benefit for K-12 school districts of all sizes, and across all geographies. You’ll also learn about the real-world savings and ROI that schools realize when implementing automated IT systems management solutions.

Like Chris Stroupe (Director of IT for KIPP Houston) says:

“Working in a non-profit educational environment, we needed a solution that didn’t take a team of experts to run, but at the same time, wouldn’t take away precious financial resources from our teachers and students. By deploying the right ITSM solution, we found a way that not only allowed us to fully manage our clients, but also was user friendly enough that didn’t require us to invest more into specially trained personnel or expensive certification classes. Almost overnight we went from a full touch, reactionary, one user at a time IT department, to a no touch, preemptive, multitasking technology solution center.

We were able to really lean on the tools Kaseya provides to do most of the upkeep that is typically involved in an enterprise environment, and instead focus on improving our procedures, developing solutions to long standing technical challenges, and just really provide overall better service to our organization, and ultimately the students we serve. We can now show the upper leadership every month, using information reported from Kaseya, that our clients are fully patched, secured from viruses,  in working order, and that we do it with less manpower, which has really let us serve as a model to others in our organization. Kaseya is also used only a daily basis to provide instant solutions to our clients, for example, an impromptu training with a group in our organization wouldn’t have been nearly as effective if we weren’t able to leverage Kaseya to remotely, instantly, and silently deploy the software that was needed”.

Download the report today!

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