Is it time for a healthcare IT management checkup?

Healthcare IT

It’s no secret that healthcare professionals are relying on IT to provide quality, timely care for patients more than ever before. Doctors and nurses access patient information on desktop devices and mobile tablets. Technicians share medical images with physicians in real time. Pharmacists cross-check allergies and dosage information before they fill a prescription. Healthcare IT management software on thousands of devices distributed across a hospital campus must be kept up to date to maintain compliance and ensure consistency.

Traditional IT management in healthcare is overly complex, labor-intensive and prone to human error. Powerful point products can help you keep on top of patch efforts, backups and security scans… but they’re rarely integrated, and don’t supply a holistic view of your IT environment. This results in a silo management strategy that’s inefficient and prone to human error. The risks of non-compliance with IT and security policies not only endanger profitability, they can endanger patients. Non-compliance with HIPAA regulations can result in significant fines, a loss of public confidence and, in extreme cases, even jail time. To meet stringent healthcare industry service level agreements, systems must be constantly monitored and managed.

Integrated, agent-based healthcare IT management solutions allow administrators to conduct maintenance in the background without user interruption. Audits, software updates, backups and security scans can be conducted without impacting the availability of critical healthcare systems. Complete visibility and control over every device in your environment gives you a better chance of preventing security threats and data loss. An online repository of auditing and inventory information automatically updated in real time tells you exactly where patient data sits on your network, how it is being accessed and by whom.

An integrated healthcare IT management solution consolidates disparate management functionality on a single pane of glass, giving administrators a quick snapshot of the status of each system on the network as well as the tools to make changes. Monitoring, updating, maintaining, backing up and securing all devices from the same management console automates repetitive, manual administration tasks and eliminates the need to work around integration issues. Healthcare enterprises can proactively monitor and manage their IT environments anywhere, anytime, whether in or out of a domain. You have complete management capabilities, the power of automation and the time to focus on the strategic initiatives that can improve patient care.

Is it time you had a healthcare IT management checkup? See how healthcare enterprises are using an integrated solution to cure IT service delivery.

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