6 Management Capabilities of a Complete Retail IT Solution

Retail IT

You can say that the retail landscape is changing rapidly. Retail stores used to be stand-alone environments, but this is no longer the case. A retail store is now a complex IT environment, made up of a myriad of devices such as PC-based POS terminals, handhelds, RFID readers, manager works stations, local servers, tablets, smart phones, etc. This expanding array of devices plays a critical role in enhancing the customer experience, but it also delivers its own set of management challenges when using a retail IT solution to manage these challenges… including the fact that each store is merely an extension of the bigger IT space that comprises your retailer enterprise.

A comprehensive retail IT management infrastructure in which all the resources can be managed, regardless of where or what those resources are, is critical for cost efficient management of the entire environment. The constant influx of new devices must be integrated with existing management tools. Those new devices must therefore be immediately manageable without having to place new requirements on your management application vendors.

Driven by falling prices and an increasing demand for more processing power and connectivity, PC-based retail POS terminals have replaced stand-alone cash registers. PC-based POS terminals can link into a variety of back-end retail IT systems. In this changing environment, retailers can significantly reduce IT management overhead by applying PC deployment best practices across all devices.

The IT department’s role is critical and strategic in adapting to new trends while maintaining control of costs and delivering a robust environment to the business. It’s essential that all IT assets within your ecosystem, whether in-store or at headquarters, are tracked, monitored and managed, seamlessly. Downtime can be reduced by a light-weight and simple retail IT solution that spans your entire environment. Ensure 100% availability and continuity of all IT assets and processes throughout your ecosystem. Make sure your retail IT solution delivers the 6 management capabilities below plus the power of automation, leaving you the time to focus on strategic initiatives that drive expansion, efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Adhere consistently to IT asset configuration across all stores
  • Warrant and confirm performance related to Store Service Levels
  • Protect against malware or security attacks on devices
  • Monitor geographically distributed stores and diverse domains
  • Provide a single-screen control system that provides patching, upgrades and reporting
  • Integrate future devices and operating systems into your existing structure

Free white paper: Top 5 Retail IT Challenges and Solutions.  Download this white paper to learn more how to proactively monitor and manage your retail IT solution anywhere, anytime, whether in or out of a domain.

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