Monitoring printers with Kaseya Network Monitor

Tech Notes

Most printers equipped with a network interface will also have the possibility to enable SNMP for monitoring, and setting traps. With Kaseya Network Monitor, you can utilize both those features, but here we will just cover the monitoring.

We have created a script that takes the values for supply levels (ink, toners, etc.) or the input levels (paper), presents each unit’s utilization in percent and lets you choose a threshold so that an alarm will be set if the utilization goes below the set threshold value.

First, let’s have a look at monitoring the supply levels. In this example, we have set the threshold to 50% meaning that this monitor will set an alarm if any supply unit will go below 50% left.

Here, we can see how the property page would look like. The lab printer is a Kyocera FS-1128 MFP which can show correct levels for both supply and input (except the waste toner, where it will show empty or not empty).

Supply Levels
Supply Levels

As you can see, the values of each toner unit is shown and at the top, you see which one is in an alarm state. Also, you can see that in the graph, each toner unit has it’s own color (unfortunately not it’s correct printer color) so you can see trends.

To instead monitor input levels, this is how the monitor information page could look like.

Input Levels
Input Levels

As you can see here, the first unit (MP Tray) is a manual feed unit so of course we don’t want to monitor that. If you go back to the property page, you can set the “Exclusions” to the number 1.

Inputs Level Properties
Inputs Level Properties

Since we now have excluded the MP tray, it will no longer be monitored, as you can see below.

Input Levels 2
Input Levels 2

Cassette 3 is still in alarm because it’s empty, but in this case it’s not supposed to be empty so we will let KNM send an alarm message via email or text messages to an online operator that will make sure that this issue will be handled.

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