Banking IT Management: Fewer Tools, Vendors and Less Training

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The majority of banks still employ multiple point products to manage their banking IT management systems. In fact, less than a third use a single, consolidated management solution to monitor their systems. Point products can help facilitate better availability of financial IT systems but require much more attention from administrators due to a ‘silo’ management strategy.

Hands-on maintenance of distributed banking IT management systems can be disruptive. Every software update, security scan and system remediation requires a bank’s users to stop working on their devices and wait for the maintenance or remediation to occur. Customers want to come in, conduct their transactions and be on their way. If tellers and bank officers can’t access critical banking systems, customer transactions can’t be made. This negatively impacts revenue, customer service and the bank’s reputation.

Given the competitive environment in the banking industry, IT operations must find ways to better serve their users and customers. Administrators should be constantly evaluating their banking IT management tools, technologies and practices. Now may be the time to consider the efficiency and effectiveness improvements possible via an integrated, multi-function, multi-vendor solution.

Paid vs. Free Banking IT Tools

Many banks use a series of free tools from, for example, Microsoft (Remote Assistant and Remote Desktop) to conduct remote management of their distributed systems. Unfortunately, troubleshooting systems with these free tools from miles away is time-consuming, frustrating and disruptive for users. With limited staff and with branches spread out over many square miles, it can often take weeks to complete a simple patch update across an entire network… and by then Microsoft has issued another patch and the process has to start all over again.

On the flip side, high-quality banking IT remote systems management tools are ‘future-proof.’ They support multiple vendors, multiple functions, and are kept current with the latest in tech¬nological innovations within the managed environment. They also easily adapt to handle new equipment, applications and operating systems.

The multi-vendor, multi-function architecture minimizes total cost of ownership by reducing the number of tools required to get the job done. This translates into fewer tools to administer, fewer vendors to manage and less training required on multiple, disparate user interfaces. Besides these savings in overhead costs, management tool consolidation eliminates multiple representations of the same managed elements, simplifying all manners of monitoring, troubleshooting, configuring and securing tasks.

Kaseya delivers complete visibility and control over a bank’s entire network from a central web-based dashboard. Administrators can now monitor, maintain, update and secure all banking IT management systems on the network – regardless of where they are located. In addition, Kaseya allows administrators to make changes to systems in the background while users continue to work unaware of the maintenance activity. As a result, banking systems are up and running during bank hours, giving tellers and customer service personnel the information and tools they need to service customers.

Download our free white paper on how to tackle IT systems management for banks and financial institutions.  Banking IT management leaders can now work smarter, better and faster – all while doing more for less.

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