Advantages and Disadvantages of On-Premise and Cloud Solutions for Education IT Managers

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As the price of storage and bandwidth continues to drop, cloud-based IT management services are becoming more attractive to educational institutions that need to reduce costs. Cloud-based IT management services minimize licensing costs and eliminate the need to hire additional education IT staff while enabling an increased level of service to all stakeholders – administrators, educators and students. Many educational institutions are understandably concerned about security, systems management redundancy, functionality and who has access to their data. In assessing a migration to the cloud, it makes sense for education IT managers to research and proceed cautiously. Educational institutions must assess their stakeholder needs and infrastructure before deciding on an on-premise systems management solution vs. a cloud IT management solution or a hybrid approach. There are advantages and disadvantages with all platforms, depending on the types of systems management software and services under consideration. Costs are a primary concern, but education IT managers can’t ignore issues related to security and compliance. Educational institutions, which operate under regulatory compliance, need to weigh their alternatives carefully. There is no ‘one model fits all’ solution. Rather than moving wholesale into the cloud, savvy education IT managers are first determining how they can maximize the benefits of their existing infrastructure. Many choose an on-premise systems management solution. This results in significant cost savings while avoiding what many perceive as the downsides of the cloud.

Here at Kaseya, we are always looking out for education IT staff and institutions. We provide a set of software tools that help education IT administrators secure, manage and protect their distributed networks. These tools are available on-premise or through the cloud. They include anti-virus, anti-malware, network discovery, network monitoring, online back-up and Kaseya back-up. These modules enable education IT administrators to better protect against network attacks, find and manage network endpoints more quickly and plan for all types of data recovery… whether administering on-premise tools or via cloud IT management services.

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