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Retail IT

Retail chain IT administrators often spend the majority of their time fielding calls and reading emails from salespeople having trouble with their retail point of sale (POS) systems. It becomes almost impossible to keep up with all the requests coming in from the field via various channels. Lack of a centralized repository of information causes repetitive issues to recur, forcing administrators to devise stop-gap fixes instead of analyzing those repetitive issues and developing a long-term retail IT solution.

Even just one hour of downtime can cost a retailer thousands of dollars in lost sales per store. Retail POS systems that are both automated and remote can drastically reduce downtime, enabling IT staff to ensure business continuity. This results in a financially-healthy retail organization. IT administrators at company headquarters can install updates locally in the background as salespeople continue to work, and then use a script to push a new software image out to all the systems in the network.

Proactive Retail IT Management Strategy

A proactive retail IT management strategy can save retail chains dozens of administrator hours per month by streamlining basic maintenance and eliminating repetitive tasks. A central help desk solution can help administrators prioritize and track issues so they can efficiently resolve them according to importance.

Wouldn’t it be nice to proactively monitor and manage your IT environments from anywhere, at any time with management of backup applications and servers, desktop migration, mobile devices, tablets, scanners and kiosks, POS and peripherals, software and process through log parsing?

How about automating incident remediation, IT audit and inventory, policy management, recurring tasks such as patching, updates, and software deployment? Add to both of these lists notification of anti-malware, anti-virus and end-point security flags, automated and customizable reports, real-time management information. Sounds like the answer to managing all your retail POS system issues, right?!

Kaseya’s IT automation solution for managing retail POS systems gives retail chain administrators a single platform for identifying, prioritizing, tracking, resolving and reporting help desk issues. Integration of ticketing and help desk with proactive monitoring and maintenance enables retail IT staffs to save time and money. They can efficiently manage distributed networks spread over dozens of stores… all while keeping store employees armed with the tools and information they need to record sales and provide superior service to customers.

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