Reliable Remote Data Backup Crucial to Institutes of Higher Learning

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Given the public nature of higher education, and a culture that values open access to information, providing secure IT services to colleges and universities is a challenge. Educational organizations depend upon on-demand data backup systems as the lifeblood of operations, from student and faculty records to professional research, to administrative applications and more. IT is integral to higher education’s teaching and research missions, and to the smooth operation of its administrative functions. Whether the data resides on personal devices, laptops, desktops, or in database servers containing records, exams, or research – colleges and universities must ensure that the information is safe and retrievable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Many institutes of higher learning have adopted “five nines” (99.999%) data availability requirements. These universities must provide highly reliable remote data backup systems with built-in redundancies and automatic failover. A small staff must monitor network resources and systems health, ensuring data availability and reliability. Managing a disparate computing environment spread across a large geography (supporting remote devices used by researchers, professors and students) requires a large IT staff highly trained in multiple technologies. IT departments within colleges and universities face budgetary realities that limit the number of available trained resources.

Kaseya Remote Backup Software

Frequent, reliable, automatic and remote data backups are essential for today’s university IT environment. A robust, reliable, and easily managed remote data backup tool can ensure the recoverability of a university’s IT infrastructure. Being able to address multiple forms of loss is also critical. Is it a single user device that needs its data restored? Is it a physical device that needs to be brought online quickly in a virtualized environment? Or does an entire data center need to be restored?

Kaseya Remote Backup provides real-time automated remote data backup, disk imaging and bare metal restore. Unlike conventional file-based only products, Kaseya Remote Backup software creates an image of the entire system state – including operating systems, applications, user settings, drivers and data.

Remote Backup is part of Kaseya’s IT Automation Framework, giving higher education IT professionals the ability to deploy, configure, manage, monitor, secure, backup and restore distributed systems from a single management console.

Learn more about how Kaseya can transform and support higher education environment IT issues through remote data backup.

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