Customer Perspective: Who Cares about the MSP’s Customers’ Customers?

Kaseya Customer Success Mission

In the IT world that focuses on sales, increasing customer base, recurring revenue, automation, monitoring, reporting, management – which MSP platform cares about their customer’s customers?

When a small break-fix company such as ours decided to enter into the MSP world we expected that there would be challenges, but we were committed to do what’s best for our customers. So what is the key to the MPS’s customer’s customers’ success?

I grew up in the small town of Higganum, CT where in 1932 my grandparents started Higganum Centre Meat Market. Their tag line was “Known for Quality.” When my father took over the business it was constantly reinforced that caring about our customers because they cared about their families was the most important aspect of our success. You may be asking what does this have to do with IT and MSPs 80 years later. It’s simple. Today it still should be about delivering quality products and customer service that cares about your customer’s customers.

ASG Information Technologies is an IT company located in Meriden, Connecticut. We care about our customers as I’m sure that most small MSP’s do. We have tried a few manage services platform over the years. Their sales teams promise the world and one even said you could have your customer up and running on the platform in 15 minutes. Some onboarding processes were a total nightmare. Unstable platform, and onboarding teams and customer service was subpar at best. Did they care about our customer’s customers? No.

One day we were contacted by a Kaseya sales rep and he had a conversation with us. What he said rang true. He cared about his customer’s customer. He “got it.” We always believed that our customers and their customers all deserved better and we switched to Kaseya.

There is a quote from Tommy Lasorda, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” That’s what I learned from my father and grandparents. They were determined to do the right thing and care about their customer’s families.

We were fortunate to be trained by Anthony Sayegh. The determination and commitment from him was key to our success in facilitating the onboarding of our platform. Our Kaseya platform was up, configured, running and stable in an extremely short period of time. Anthony’s training process was extremely efficient and timely. Anthony stayed on task and he did what he said he would do. Appointments were remembered, content of prior meetings were not forgotten. There were no excuses, swapping of onboarding support people, cover ups, and lies like we experienced our last time with another platform.

This time around it just worked. It was exactly what ASG and our customer’s customers deserved. It’s amazing what caring about your customer’s customers can do. It’s the difference between failure and success. My Grandparents had it right back in 1932 and it should be no different today. If everyone would care about our customer’s customers – we all can win.

Thank you to Anthony Sayegh and Kaseya – our customer’s customers are now in good hands.

Holly Heger
Vice President
ASG Information Technologies

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