Efficient IT Service Desk Crucial to Success of Today’s Retailers

Retail IT

Today’s retail industry is built upon multi-faceted, multi-channel and increasingly complex technologies. A comprehensive and flexible retail IT service desk is crucial. A retail service desk should hold a central position in retail operations. Business management should be informed regarding the scale of what’s needed to support an increasing use of, and dependency on, technology in the retail environment.

Retail IT service desks lacking functionality to keep pace with new technologies focused on shoppers result in poor customer service, user (and shopper) complaints, missed SLAs and, ultimately, lost revenues. It’s wise to review whether infrastructure services are growing at the same pace as the business. If not, they’re unlikely to be stable and robust enough to support new branch stores, or new channels to market.

A lean, under-resourced IT service desk may be a source of pride to some retailers. This may seem cost-effective, but the outcomes are little control, no means of measuring effectiveness, and needless downtime. The solution is not to hire more helpdesk personnel, but to give that small group of overstretched people the tools necessary to do an effective job in a critical function. A well run retail service desk makes money via increased up-time for Point-of-Sales/Service terminals, and saves money through automatic analyses of where costs are being incurred.

Kaseya Service Desk for Retail Environments

The ability to automate common procedures and act without requiring direct end user communication is crucial. The Kaseya Service Desk for retail environments supplies a comprehensive set of integrated IT automation processes. It streamlines help desk processes by routing tickets automatically to the appropriate roles and initiating agent procedures based on business rules devised for a specific retail environment. Kaseya’s integrated agent-based architecture provides complete history tracking with direct access to critical resources.

Improved systems availability, increased user productivity, reduced overall service costs and greater accountability for problem resolution are all benefits derived from an efficient retail IT service desk.

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