Remote Data Backups Designed for Today’s Distributed IT Environments

remote data backups in distributed IT environments

Today, organizations have hundreds or thousands of distributed devices containing information that need protection. Until recently, critical information was stored on centralized servers. Data backups were a simple case of replicating a central file server. Now data can reside anywhere… as users create, access and share data while on the go and from multiple devices.

All of these devices must be backed up as reliably as servers in the data center. To ensure all important data are being backed up consistently, administrators must discover distributed devices, confirm they’re connected to the network and that they’re available to be backed up.

Kaseya Data Backup 2.0

Kaseya Data Backup (KDB) 2.0 enables you to seamlessly and easily backup devices from multiple remote locations either directly to the Kaseya Cloud or to your own storage. With true block level and VSS data backups, KDB 2.0 gives you the flexibility to backup data from anywhere to anywhere.

In the event of data loss, an administrator can remotely restore data from backup files stored locally or in the cloud. You can perform remote data backups from anywhere with an Internet connection, either to the same device or to a completely new system. Users can also directly restore lost files and folders through the integrated Kaseya end user portal.

Through remote data backups, administrators can set various rules for files or folders on individual devices or across multiple devices and apply filters by file type, file location, date created or last edited. Backups can be scheduled by month, week, day, hour or minute… or can be generated on demand.

Choose how you want to manage your remote data backups. KDB 2.0 offers a true hybrid model, allowing you to mix cloud storage along with backups to your own private cloud, and/or to your local file server or NAS storage.

Learn more about how Kaseya can transform and support your distributed IT environment through remote data backups.

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