New Symantec Study Highlights IT Data Backup Challenges of Cloud Computing

Over the last few weeks, Lance Armstrong admitted to doping, Manti Te’o owned up to being duped by an imaginary girlfriend and Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem at the inauguration. It makes me wonder what’s real.

Undeniably real is Symantec’s just-released study about data backup challenges and avoiding the hidden costs of the cloud. ReRez Research surveyed IT and business executives at 3,236 organizations in 29 countries in September and October of 2012. The survey included 1,358 responses from SMBs and 1,878 responses from enterprises.

The survey asked about the frequency of rouge implementations of the cloud (for example, the sales manager signing his team up for Salesforce without telling IT). Seven percent said rouge implementations are becoming much less frequent; 14 percent, slightly less frequent; 50 percent, staying the same; 25 percent, slightly more frequent; 4 percent, becoming much more frequent.

The part of Symantec’s study that most interested me, however, concerns data backup challenges. The survey notes that organizations are increasingly using a blend of physical, virtual and cloud storage, which complicates data backup and recovery. Among the study’s findings: “more than two-thirds of enterprises today are using three or more solutions to backup their data.”

IT Solutions that Address Data Backup Challenges

The many solutions add to the work for IT to properly address data backup challenges, which has to “train staff on multiple products and spend extra cycles managing the process.” In addition, the lack of integration among products makes it harder for IT departments to get an accurate picture of all data backups through a single interface.

According to Symantec’s report, “More than 40 percent of the organizations surveyed have lost data in the cloud and have had to restore their information from backups. When asked the follow up, “Have you ever had a recovery failure in the cloud? In other words, have you ever tried to restore lost data only to find your backup or archive did not work?” 68 percent of respondents said yes. Read Symantec’s “Avoiding the Hidden Costs of the Cloud”  for more details.

There is an answer to managing the complexity of data backup and restore in blended storage environments. Kaseya’s newest module, Kaseya System Backup and Restore, an OEM integration of StorageCraft, can deliver image-based backup of a complete system (applications, configurations, settings, and data) within the familiar interface that addresses these data backup challenges. Although KSBR cannot restore lost reputations, forfeited yellow jerseys, or imaginary girlfriends, it can help you recover mission-critical data in about the time it takes Beyonce to lip-synch the national anthem.

Try the new System Backup and Restore tool today to address your data backup challenges.


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