Introducing KNM v5 standalone

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KNM v5 standalone features a complete new Unicode enabled interface, vastly improved scalability , tagging, data filtering, knowledgebase, Google maps integration, multi tenancy and many more big and small improvements.

New interface

The new interface represents a great leap forward in usability and visibility. It’s 100% Unicode enabled and translated to 11 different languages.

KNM v5 - Unicode support
KNM v5 – Unicode support
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish


Have 10000 devices, need monitoring ? KNM v5 scales up to 10000 devices and 100000 monitors, growing with your company.

Google maps integration

KNM v5 - Google maps integration
KNM v5 – Google maps integration

All groups and devices can have a  user defined geographical location, shown on a map in the interface.

Multi tenancy

KNM v5 supports multi-tenancy as well as fine grained per user group access control within a tenant.


All changes to the configuration can be traced to an operator and time.


Tags can be attached to groups and devices to add properties to them. For example, you can add a tag for brand, model or asset number.


KNM v5 - Filtering in lists
KNM v5 – Filtering in lists

A filter is one or more rules that are combined to find the data you seek. A filter is not bound to a specific device or group, once created and save it can be applied anywhere in the configuration.

Better SNMP support

KNM v5 includes a new SNMP implementation supporting v1, v2c and v3. Free MIB compiler tool and MIB browser is included as well.

Knowledge base

KNM v5 includes a knowledge base to store important information about your monitoring setup. Articles can be attached to devices and groups and included in notifications.

Better search

The integrated search engine is updated and searches all the different entities within KNM.

KNM v5 - Searching for VMWare ESXi machines
KNM v5 – Searching for VMWare ESXi machines

Get it today !

KNM v5 can be downloaded and installed today. Use the following download link:


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