With Centralized IT Systems Management, Your Network Won’t Run Amok


Anyone who has been to a schoolyard or daycare center knows the importance of managing and keeping track of children at all times.

That’s why rules to walk in a single file exist. Or hold hands while moving. Or sit in assigned seats. Otherwise, it’s a free-for-all. When moving from one place to another, one child might decide to hop, another would crawl, a few would race each other, and the rest would find some individual, creative ways to amplify the chaos.

And if you’ve seen a group of children running amok, you’ve seen chaos. You even might have felt a little envious of their carefree ways.

Chaos in an IT network, however, is nothing to envy. If machines are running under different rules in different places, or out of the sight of administrators, you’ve got problems. You may have problems you don’t even realize, which can surely translate to security risks and higher operational costs.

A well-managed network requires four essential steps – discovery, management, automation and validation. After you find and start tracking all your IT assets in the discovery phase, it’s important to follow that up with sound management. That means having uniform policies, ongoing monitoring and centralized control.

Efficient Management with Kaseya

Replicating processes and procedures for consistent, efficient management is next to impossible without some level of automation, especially as a network expands in multiple locations. Documentation typically is either spotty or non-existent, and manual processes take up a lot of time.

Kaseya changes all that, first by helping you discover assets you don’t even know exist, or forgot you have, and then by letting you remotely manage and monitor the whole network from a central location. What Kaseya does is akin to the difference between the cacophonous sound of an orchestra tuning up and the playing of a melodious symphony.

Order replaces chaos. Administrators gain control and flexibility. They know where network components are, and they can organize them as they see fit. For instance, an administrator might choose to manage groups of machines by type, OS or location – or by some other characteristic that makes sense in the context of the organization’s structure.

Centralized IT systems management control is key – through a dashboard that gives administrators visibility into the entire network. This makes management a straightforward, consistent process that removes manual tasks, guesswork and blind decisions. When a new security or management policy is needed, an administrator can set up the policy from the central dashboard and disseminate it to distributed machines. From the same dashboard, the administrator can monitor compliance and issue updates when necessary.

In addition, Kaseya makes it possible to manage machines when they are on the road and not connected to the network, a feature that is especially critical in the age of mobility. And this means that even when users are traveling, you can instill the kind of order in your network that a good teacher applies in a classroom full of unruly kids.

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