Jump on Cloud Nine with Kaseya SaaS!


IT management is never easy, and the disorderly way in which networks typically have been allowed to expand sure doesn’t help. Thankfully for IT administrators, the cloud is helping to bring order to the chaos of network management.

Cloud computing, in fact, makes it possible to not only efficiently manage legacy systems and applications, but also the resources provisioned from the cloud itself. It sounds too good to be true, admittedly, but here is the rare exception that proves the rule.

Think about how the typical IT environment operates: You’ve got cobbled-together systems that won’t scale and, in some cases, should have been sent to the scrap heap; legacy applications run from separate silos that complicate management; a variety of poorly organized storage systems and databases; unused software; and power-hogging servers that take up too much space. Now throw in some SaaS applications and a few other cloud-based resources, and you have a management nightmare that would try the patience of a saint.

In any case, canonization wouldn’t help you here. When migrating to the cloud, the way to do it successfully is to set objectives – such as scalability, business agility and cost reductions – and implement an IT management solution that can handle newly deployed cloud-based resources and legacy systems. You need a tool that gives you a comprehensive, consolidated view of the network and allows you to manage everything from a centralized dashboard.

Pie in the sky? Ten years ago you would have been forgiven for thinking so. But today, that’s just a misconception that will keep you out of Cloud Nine.

Cloud Friendly IT Management with Kaseya

With Kaseya SaaS solutions, managing a cloud environment becomes a straightforward, affordable proposition. Kaseya delivers the ultimate solution for complete network management and IT automation, making it easier to align IT with business goals.

Licensed by managed device, the solution enables the remote delivery IT services from a central, web-based console.

Kaseya employs a secure, web-based architecture requiring no servers on site, dedicated hardware or appliances to manage the IT environment. For administrators, this is a dream come true. You get the system up and running with no fuss; a simple lightweight download is all it takes. There’s no need to sweat over endless integration projects and the configuration nightmares that often plague deployments.

With its innovation and inherent ease of use, Kaseya’s approach is getting noticed. Take what Gartner wrote about the vendor in its 2013 Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools: “Kaseya is ahead of most vendors in offering SaaS-based client management, allowing for Internet-based management and general administrative ease of use. The vendor’s products offer a wide range of client management functionality, including capabilities that many other client management tools don’t offer, such as PC backup and system performance monitoring.”

Gartner placed Kaseya in the “visionary” section of the Magic Quadrant.

And if that’s not enough, consider also that the Kaseya framework is FIPS-certified. IT administrators know what that means: Federal Information Processing Standard certification is a valuable security seal at a time when attempts at stealing private data and trade secrets are a constant occurrence.

So the choice is obvious: If you want to avoid that “dark cloud,” Kaseya SaaS is the right IT management tool for you.

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