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You already know that IT management isn’t easy – and it’s only going to get more challenging with the sunset of Windows XP and the fact that SMBs are continuing their focus on cost control and cash conservation (which means they want a rock solid business case before refreshing ageing PCs).  I probably don’t have to tell you that some 36% of SMBs surveyed for the latest Techaisle report said that they had PCs that were at least four years old.  You’re probably working on some of them or keeping them on life support right now.

SMBs think they are saving money by choosing to not refresh, but when you consider the true costs of maintaining an older PC, you see this just isn’t true.  PCs built with 4th generation Intel Core vPro processors deliver up to $585 in total cost savings over the life of the PC.  With savings like that, it’s hard to argue that limping along with an old PC is anything but cost defective.

But maybe you – and your customers – haven’t yet deployed PCs with Intel vPro.  We know that some MSPs and IT consultants have avoided implementing vPro because, well, quite frankly, it hasn’t always been easy to do.

Avoiding Additional Screen Time

But not any more. The Kaseya vPro Navigator is a technical online reference tool that is simple to use and specific to your Kaseya environment. Developed by Intel and Kaseya, it gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on provisioning vPro-based PCs and using the powerful vPro remote management functions already integrated into Kaseya.

Jerry Arthur, Technical Services Manager at CRU Solutions and Kaseya user had this to say, “The Kaseya vPro Navigator answers many of the questions I had when I was initially setting vPro up.  If I would have had the vPro Navigator during those stages, I would have saved hours of time.”

Crawl, Walk, Then Run!

Take a look at the Kaseya vPro Navigator and see how quickly you can learn to use Intel vPro functions—such as remote power up and hardware-based KVM Remote Control— to save significant time and money.

Derek Fowler, president of MSP, iON Management, says, “Our whole business is centered on Kaseya – we’d be lost without it. However, using vPro-based PCs in conjunction with our Kaseya management console gives us better remote control and better communication with the device. vPro’s integration into Kaseya allows us to fix more problems remotely and really smoothes out some rough edges. It increases the value that we can deliver to customers.”

Oh, and by the way, using PCs with Intel vPro Technology in conjunction with Kaseya helped iON Management reduce their PC repair times 43%.

You can gain the same value that iON Management has found by using the Kaseya vPro Navigator to take advantage of Intel vPro technology-based PCs that may already be in your installed base, or to easily deploy Intel vPro technology-based PCs from any major manufacturer. The Kaseya vPro Navigator gives you step-by-step instructions and extensive screen captures (Kaseya screens and PC BIOS screens) and lets you benefit from the best-known-methods that other Kaseya users have discovered.

According to Dennison Lee, an engineer at Nucleus Networks, “The Navigator was very straightforward and definitely a plus compared to having to dig into a traditional User Guide.”

With more than 100 million deployed systems over 4 years old, you have an incredible opportunity to improve your SMB customers’ efficiency and backend infrastructure.  And with the Kaseya vPro Navigator, you can improve your own efficiency and infrastructure, as well.

What do you think of the Kaseya vPro Navigator?  Let me know here or on Twitter @Eric_D_Townsend.

ERIC TOWNSEND is the director of MSP and SMB marketing for Intel Corp. For more than 18 years, his work has encompassed tools across the computing spectrum—from devices to services to software. Eric has worked with companies in industry verticals including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and services, and believes strongly in the efficiencies and value created by Managed Service Providers and the technologies they deploy.  You can follow him on Twitter @Eric_D_Townsend.


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