How Remote Management Turns IT Professionals into Heroes


Kaseya Remote ManagementOr be prepared for “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.”

Two days before Thanksgiving, marketing consultant Neal Page (Steve Martin) races to catch a plane home to Chicago, only to find that his flight has been delayed. Hours later, he boards the plane and ends up next to an eternally optimistic, overly talkative, and clumsy shower curtain ring salesman, Del Griffith (the late, great John Candy). When the flight is detoured to Wichita, the mismatched pair is forced to find their own way to Chicago, by any means necessary. A must-see movie, loaded with many funny lines and situations; the “Those aren’t pillows!” line is a classic.

“Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” was produced over 25 years ago, and though travel may have improved (yes, it is debatable), what we do while traveling has changed dramatically. Today, most people on planes, trains or automobiles (assuming you are NOT flying, conducting or driving!), want to be connected to send texts, do email, play “Words with Friends” (though I think Alec Baldwin has stopped doing this), or if you are a pig, check your Geico app. And they want to be connected using any device – laptop, tablet, phone, anything with any kind of a connection. When they have issues, IT managers are given the opportunity to become “heroes,” stepping in to resolve the problem, often times by remotely accessing the offending device. This leads to our “IT hero” story.

A few weeks ago, I was presenting a webinar on IT challenges and how companies are addressing these with innovative solutions. Patrick Magee, Manager of IT Infrastructure and Desktop Support for The Howard Hughes Corporation, was our guest speaker. The Howard Hughes Corporation, a major real estate development and management company which was founded by Howard Hughes, is headquartered in Dallas, TX. But at the time of the story Patrick was working from the Café Du Monde in New Orleans (I know, sounds like tough duty).

Kaseya Remote Management

The Howard Hughes CEO was in the air trying to complete critical work for an upcoming meeting, when he encountered an issue. The issue was such that Patrick could not simply send a command or walk the CEO through a series of configuration steps. The only way Patrick could resolve the issue was to take control of the device. Patrick was able to set up a remote control session from his location in the New Orleans café to the laptop on the plane, and in a few short minutes, Patrick had his CEO working again. Instantly Patrick became an IT hero. As Patrick says, the “anytime, anywhere” technology to establish the remote control session was crucial; without it, it is unlikely he could have resolved the issue.

The remote control example is just one of many insightful stories Patrick told during the webinar. He talked about the challenges of managing new cloud services, mobility and big data. Howard Hughes Corporation is taking advantage of all of these, and Patrick needs to ensure that these new services deliver as promised. For example, Howard Hughes is now using cloud apps for expense reporting, travel, and HR. With their increased comfort in security, reduced TCO, and access to broader, richer cloud applications, cloud-based applications has become the first option for Howard Hughes.

Patrick also talked about his integrated management solution to centrally command his IT environment. He is able to see and manage all of his IT assets from a single dashboard (network, servers, clients, applications), and knows that any issue will be presented in this one place, normally before any of the Howard Hughes’ 1000+ employees notice a problem. From the same dashboard, he is then able to take immediate action to keep them all working and productive.

Finally, Patrick talked about automation and how he is using it to substantially improve efficiency. Only with IT automation is he able to support company growth, and address new IT challenges with existing IT staff. He uses client clean-up (bloatware removal) as an example, which has reduced helpdesk calls by 50%!

As you might have suspected, Patrick is using the Kaseya IT management solution to achieve these excellent results. The Kaseya solution is helping many MSPs and IT organizations such as Patrick’s deliver improved services to their users and do more with their existing staff. Kaseya is helping them to:

  • Command Centrally: See and manage everything from a single integrated dashboard, to ensure the availability, performance, and security of the entire IT environment – on-premise, cloud, and mobile.
  • Manage Remotely: Discover, manage, and control widely distributed environments, extending management reach, and maximizing efficiency and service-level performance.
  • Automate Everything: Deploy policy-based automation with proactive remediation, to increase productivity and do more with existing staff.

Listen to Patrick share his insights directly in the webinar: “How to Dramatically Improve IT Efficiency and Exceed Service Level Expectations”

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Author: Tom Hayes

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