This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Antimalware

The Danger for Small Businesses is Mounting Infographic

Rats and worms are on the way… should you be afraid? Unfortunately, for many the answer is yes! The new breeds of malware are increasingly sophisticated and can have devastating effects on companies large and small. The second bit of gloom is that malware volumes are going up exponentially. The AV-TEST Institute is registering over 280,000 new malicious programs every day, so Remote Access Trojans (RATS) with worming functions are just one type of attack that can start to make your knees tremble. Just because we’ve seen APTs and other attacks devastate numerous large corporations this past year, including Sony, Target and Dairy Queen, don’t be fooled into thinking that the SMBs that most MSPs work with are immune. Seventy two percent of the breaches investigated, involve companies with less than 100 employees.

Providing old school security that used to be “good enough,” is just not good enough anymore. In a world where nearly 200 malicious programs are launched per minute, utilizing antimalware that was designed over twenty years ago may be leaving your customers vulnerable. Daily or even hourly updates aren’t good enough anymore. Heuristics that don’t monitor all active processes aren’t good enough anymore. Using scan engines that are not consistently ranked among the industry’s elite is not good enough anymore. If you and your customers felt the pain of Cryptolocker, this scary new world has already introduced itself to you.

The good news is, next generation antimalware is available now and with ninety percent of SMBs admitting they are worried about an attack, your opportunity to deploy top notch security, while strengthening customer loyalty, has never been stronger.

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