The Kaseya “Times Twenty” Initiative: What it Means and Why It’s Vital to the Future of Your Business

Kaseya’s mission is to provide the technology and best practices that MSPs need to succeed.  We always focus on ways to help MSPs drive down the cost of administrative (i.e., non-revenue generating) tools and activities to free-up precious human and investment capital to be re-invested in new revenue generating services that drive growth.

I’m pleased to introduce Kaseya’s “Times Twenty” initiative, which focuses on enabling MSPs to put that capital to work in designing and deploying IT service offerings that will generate a 20 times return on their investment.

At its core, the Times Twenty initiative is about the value of money.  Specifically, your money.  You and your staff (all of them – marketing, sales, service delivery, finance and admin) work hard to earn this money.  You can’t afford to invest it in anything – people, technology, systems – unless you know you’ll be getting a high return on your investment.

Our research suggests that the most successful MSPs expect to receive a 20X return on their technology investment, in particular.  They achieve this in several ways:

  1. Charging the full perceived value of their services (rather than trying to win business on price)
  2. Investing in technology that differentiates them from MSP competitors. They don’t grow by adding me-too services late to the game
  3. Developing services that meet the strategic business goals of their clients to support their clients’ growth – and further embed them as a trusted advisor to those clients
  4. Wringing excess costs and inefficiencies out of their business
  5. Creating an agile organization (from business systems, IT training, and internal processes) that allows them to respond quickly to changing market conditions

How Kaseya Supports MSPs to Achieve Times Twenty

The Kaseya IT management portfolio provides the largest monetization opportunity for MSPs—helping them become high-growth (or 2nd Generation) MSPs—by enabling them to evolve their service portfolio to include those services to address success requirements of their customers.

According to recent research contained in Kaseya’s 2016 MSP Pricing Survey, these 2nd Generation MSPs:

  • Have experienced more than 20% annual growth over the last three years,
  • Offer Security Services including Patching & Updates (90%), Audit & Discovery (67%), Desktop Security (74%),
  • Offer Identity and Access Management services which are growing at a double digit CAGR over the past three years (33%),
  • Offer cloud-based services such as monitoring, hosting, backup/recover and desktop/server management (50%),
  • Charge more on average for monthly server support and maintenance,
  • Provide hosting services for customer owned equipment (85% more likely),
  • Offer cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) (50%),
  • And expect increased revenues in 2016 (66%)

With today’s announcement on Kaseya BMS, Kaseya now offers the lowest-cost, most functionally rich business management solution on the market today, so MSPs can:

  • Control all aspects of their business – sales, marketing, human resources, client project management and IT service delivery – at a price that is 66% lower than current industry solutions.
  • Decrease operational costs by improving the productivity of every business function and simplifying tasks so that all departments work more efficiently together
  • Quickly rollout new service offerings by streamlining the processes to market, sell, bill, deploy, and support them
  • Deploy a cloud-based modern architecture that can support virtually unlimited scaling, open integration with RMM and accounting tools, quick onboarding of new services and clients, and more

Kaseya BMS is so cost effective that you can dramatically reduce operational costs right away. And if you’re a current ConnectWise®, AutoTask®, or Tigerpaw® customer, the savings are even better – ask about  our competitive upgrade offer of a free one-year Kaseya BMS license*!

Now, you can invest more of your hard-earned dollars in technologies to meet the business requirements of your clients – and better achieve your own Times Twenty initiative metrics.

If you want to learn more about Kaseya BMS:

*Terms and conditions may apply and can be found here.

Posted by Miguel Lopez
Joining Kaseya in 2012, Miguel Lopez brings over 20 years of experience to his role as SVP and GM. In this position, he consults daily with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help them solve their clients’ business problems with technology solutions. Prior to joining Kaseya, Miguel served as the director of consulting services for All Covered, a nationwide technology services company that is a division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc. In 2008, All Covered acquired NetCor Technologies, a leading MSP that Miguel founded and managed since 1997.
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