Tech Talk MSP Blogs Attract Only Technical People!

If you take a closer look at MSP blogs, you’ll notice that they’re often Tech Talk style articles, written for technical instead of financial professionals. It makes much more sense, however, for MSPs to address business issues that appeal to CEOs and CFOs.

Business vs. Technology Blog Themes

The goal of MSP blogs should be to show how technology can be the solution to business problems. MSPs are supposed to provide the tools and services that ensure business continuity, so it’s important to emphasize this theme. The reason it doesn’t help to dive deep into technical jargon is because decision makers don’t always understand the technology that powers modern businesses. Their main concern is to deliver the highest profit margin.

Why MSPs Should Focus on Business Issues

Blogs that target high-level executives need to identify problems that face businesses looking to run more efficiently. One of the biggest issues that managers want to learn more about is how to make their business more scalable for growth. An MSP is in a perfect position to share knowledge about scalability and how it’s unique for every business. It’s important to emphasize how customization plays a big role in such decisions.

Providing tips on how to reduce redundancies is another area that can give an MSP blog more depth. One method is to implement automation whenever possible. Offering 24/7 support has become an essential competitive advantage. Outsourcing is another way to cut the budget for services that would be too costly to hire in-house employees. These issues can be described in business terms rather than technical terms to resonate better with decision makers.

How MSPs Can Capture Attention

Every MSP blog needs to stand out as unique, yet so many conform to the same technical themes. One of the best ways to create unique content is to interview an industry expert. Interviews can be presented in numerous interesting ways, such as a video with a transcript. Video testimonials and reviews made by clients provide an excellent basis for a niche-oriented blog.

Business bloggers should be aware that colorful charts and graphs can strengthen the impact of the content. Visuals help tell multiple stories at once, creating more curiosity. The more the blog can deliver useful and memorable information, the more executives will return to learn more, especially if charts make the information easy to absorb.

Managers like to know about industry percentages, such as how many companies have moved to the cloud in the past year. They like to know where they fit in with trends and what type of barometers they should follow to keep up with technology. They’re curious about the percentage of companies within their industry that outsource to save resources in other areas. They also want to know about how tasks can be increased to reach greater productivity.

Steps to Writing Business-Oriented Blogs

  1. Ask business managers what their top IT issues are
  2. Provide unique solutions to common IT problems
  3. Explain how MSPs can increase business efficiency


When crafting MSP blogs, make sure you’re reaching a common ground with business executives rather than technical experts. Contact us at MSP SEO Factory to find out how we can manage your blog and provide a wide array of MSP marketing services.

Posted by David Walter
David Walter is the Marketing Director at MSP SEO Factory, a company providing IT marketing to businesses in the United States. Their expertise is creating managed services marketing ideas and turning them into original, optimized blog posts. Their process involves in-depth brainstorming, thorough editing, and effective promotion of fresh and unique articles for their MSP Business clients. He has 16 years experience in marketing for the IT industry, as well as experience in direct MSP marketing, internet marketing, article writing. David speaks at trade shows, webinars and is a sales trainer for major IT companies. He is also a published author; his latest book is 'Stratospheric Marketing Secrets'.
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