Kaseya Launches Cloud Management Suite with Acquisition of Technology Leader Unigma

Kaseya + Unigma

Kaseya continues its portfolio growth streak with this week’s acquisition of Unigma, which was announced at Kaseya Connect in Las Vegas.

The Unigma Cloud Management Suite is now a core part of Kaseya’s IT Complete, an architecture and solutions stack for MSPs and for IT groups in particular vertical markets, such as health care and higher education. With this stack, a vast swath of IT operations can be automated and secured.

As MSPs move their clients aggressively to the cloud, they need solutions to monitor and manage public cloud performance and conduct precise cost analysis.

The Unigma Cloud Management Suite has three core components:

  • Cloud Manager – The core of the Unigma Cloud Manager is an intuitive dashboard that features a single pane of glass to monitor and manage AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure instances, as well as other popular public clouds. With this dashboard, both MSPs and IT pros can correlate events with performance metrics, and share this data with clients or other internal IT staff. Since many shops now use multiple public cloud services, the dashboard offers that same single pane of glass view of multiple services and clients, and supports troubleshooting and performance metrics across all these clouds. Once the analysis is done, reports can be produced immediately. Another key part of Unigma Cloud Manager is the ability to automate common public cloud tasks and perform maintenance on schedules you create all from one single cloud control panel.
  • Cloud Billing Manager – MSPs these days handle a large roster of client companies, many with their own choices of clouds and often multiple providers. MSPs equipped with Unigma Billing Manager can provide clients with highly detailed usage reports that give them an exact understanding of what they are using and powers accurate client invoicing.
  • Cloud Cost Optimizer – Understanding your current cloud costs is a great thing. Even better, with Unigma Cloud Cost Optimizer you can turn your cost insights into a deep analysis of potential cloud savings. MSP clients or IT shops can optimize and manage their costs and boost cloud utilization. A big part of this is understanding both unused and oversized instances and then rationalizing them.

Acquisition Details

Although Kaseya acquired Unigma, it will operate as an independent Kaseya company. Unigma founder Kirill Bensonoff, CEO and product manager for the Unigma Cloud Management Suite, explained, “Unigma is a leader in providing public cloud management, cloud cost optimization, and cloud billing. Now with Kaseya’s global reach, industry recognition, vast partner roster, and extensive customer base, the Unigma Cloud Management Suite is positioned for even greater success and unprecedented growth.”

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola has been spearheading acquisitions and aggressive organic growth. He is excited that Unigma is now part of the organization. “I’m thrilled to introduce our acquisition of Unigma and to unveil the leading unified public cloud management solution for MSPs,” said Voccola. “We bought Unigma because it is the clear leader in this burgeoning market of cloud management solutions. Not only does the technology allow for the management of public clouds, but it also addresses financial optimizations. The Unigma Cloud Management Suite provides unmatched public cloud management capabilities that will save MSPs even more time and money, and provide new opportunities for them to monetize and grow their business. This is a powerful new component to our Kaseya IT Complete family of industry-leading IT management solutions.”

While a key part of Kaseya IT Complete, the Unigma suite is also positioned as a compliment to Kaseya’s Traverse cloud and network monitoring tool. Customers will not just exploit the functions of Unigma, but also benefit from its integration with other Kaseya solutions such as VSA and, of course, Traverse.

“As a user of both Unigma and Kaseya VSA, we have first-hand experience in the powerful capabilities these solutions provide,” said Alex Ho, COO, ComputerSupport.com. “Visibility across our public cloud instances is critical to our ability to meet and exceed service level agreement metrics. The convergence of these products under the Kaseya IT Complete Platform will allow us to leverage even greater efficiencies, and continue to deliver the highest caliber of service to our customers.”

For more details on Kaseya Unigma Cloud Manager, visit visit the Unigma website.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.

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