Kaseya BMS – Taking ConnectWise Customers Even Before a New Version Arrived

PSA Migrator

Kaseya has reinvented the way to do Professional Services Automation (PSA) with the BMS solution. The idea is to offer PSA functions at a fraction of the normal cost with gobs of added value.

Now Kaseya has brought BMS to the next level with a brand new version that is still one-third the price of competitors’ alternatives.

New capabilities in the latest version of BMS include:

  • Multi-Tenant Trust Relationships and Business Templates: Users can securely define trust relationships between MSP entities, and efficiently deploy and manage best practice business policies across multiple MSP entities.
  • Aggregated Service Desk: “Parent” MSPs can offer service desk as a service to multiple “child” MSP entities. Using a secure trust relationship, service desk technicians at the parent level can securely view and service tickets for each child MSP.
  • REST API Updates Simplifying Third-Party Integrations: A comprehensive new REST API facilitates a plethora of third-party integrations, including best-in-class MSP solutions such as Customer Thermometer client surveys, BrightGauge business intelligence and dashboards, IT Glue IT documentation, and QuoteWerks quotes and proposals.

An MSP-Specific PSA with Impressive MSP Pricing

BMS is the first next-generation PSA built 100 percent for MSPs. With BMS, you can free up staff to focus more attention on strategically selling new services, scoping and deploying these services, then running them in a profitable way. At the same time, you’ll spend far less time dealing with non-revenue-generating work such as project management and billing.

From the beginning, Kaseya wanted to turn PSA and technology on its head. “Kaseya believes that MSPs should minimize the amount of money spent on non-revenue generating products and activities,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya, when BMS was first announced. “Unfortunately, first-generation PSA solutions are costly products built with obsolete technology and loaded with unused features that hamper employees from doing their job. Kaseya has raised the bar for improving staff productivity and business profitability by introducing Kaseya BMS at an unheard of price point,” he continued.

As a next-generation solution, Kaseya BMS was built not just to be the least expensive PSA, but also to have the lowest total cost of ownership. Often, first-generation PSA solutions require a half- or full-time IT resource at a cost of $50,000 to 100,000 a year to configure and customize. For an MSP, this typically means a tech pulling “double duty” as a client-facing tech as well as being the internal PSA administrator.

The all-inclusive pricing of $25 per seat, per month, for BMS is 66 percent lower than competing solutions. The solution delivers everything an MSP needs to run its business, but without all of the obsolete feature baggage and technology limitations of legacy PSA systems.

The Story Behind the New BMS

The best products are driven by customer need. The new version of BMS is a case in point. Kaseya customer, The 20, was pushing BMS to its limits and needed more. Synergistically, the wish list matched what other BMS users desired, so Kaseya set about fulfilling those needs in the form of a new rev of BMS.

“After toiling for years with the inefficiencies of first-generation PSA solutions, MSPs are vocal that BMS is exactly the revenue-generating solution they have been clamoring for. With the addition of The 20 to our customer roster, it’s clear that we’ve hit the mark as far as what MSPs desire in a PSA. As a result, we are seeing historic adoption numbers of BMS and our overall IT Complete Platform,” said Voccola.

“BMS blows ConnectWise out of the water,” said Tim Conkle, CEO, The 20. “The new features and functionality made it a no brainer to switch. Not only are we able to better serve our customers, but our overall experience with BMS and Kaseya is superior. Our investment in the product is producing huge returns by both saving us money over ConnectWise and allowing us to create a new revenue-generating service offering around the product itself. On top of that, we are confident that Kaseya and BMS will continue to evolve and grow to meet our future business needs.”

More ConnectWise Customer Defections

Other ConnectWise MSP customers have also made the switch. The cloud aspect was a benefit for John Morris, CEO of Spark Alliance.

“Being ‘in the cloud’ meant having the ability to not have any dependencies from the customer or consumer or endpoint technology standpoint. There are other competitors out there that are doing the same thing, but they’re not as evolved. They started with other solutions and have now migrated a lot of their code and a lot of their platforms,” Morris said. “From the standpoint of even being web-based, you may have all kinds of add-ons and plug-ins and extensions and all these different things that are dependencies to make the system work. That either becomes heavy for the web application, or it becomes a nightmare with stability and providing consistent service and operation.”

Morris also believes BMS is a next-generation PSA. “Why is BMS second-generation or modern-day? You can use the system anywhere on any platform. It really supports the cloud model ― just the nature of this thing ― trying to streamline every process and every system and basically be a full-blown web-based ERP. Where you don’t have to have four, five, six disparate systems that you’ve got to try to blend or hook or whatever. The price point, the subscription-based model, and all the components that support the concept of cloud- and service-based technology just sells itself,” Morris explained. “And there really isn’t any CAPEX. You’re just using the system and you pay for the usage. That is the next generation of all service-based technologies.”

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.

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