Kaseya Powered Services – Authentication and Network Management in an On-Demand Box

Buyers Guide Kaseya today announced the fastest, easiest and most effective way for MSPs to deliver authentication and network management as a service. The new Kaseya Powered Services, known as Go-to-Market in a Box, include cloud-based on-demand versions of Traverse and AuthAnvil custom made for fast set up and speedy service creation.

With these powered services, Kaseya has done much of the heavy lifting in developing the services. The MSP can easily take the Kaseya cloud services and offer them as its own.

One customer is already on board. “Kaseya Powered Services takes on all the hard work of selling a new service by providing us with all the resources we needed to be successful,” said Jason Shirdon, vice president, operations for Ease Technologies. “After using AuthAnvil ourselves in-house, it was clear that we had a great opportunity to leverage this product to help our customers address their security needs and simultaneously grow our business. With the help of Powered Services, we ramped up the launch of our security as a service practice in a matter of a few weeks, and immediately created a healthy, new revenue stream.”

Kaseya Powered Services launched with two offerings:

AuthAnvil Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS)

AuthAnvil is a two-factor/multifactor authentication (2FA/MFA) solution that also includes password management and single sign-on (SSO). For MSPs, the SECaaS version is available on-demand and is packed with resources to help providers quickly launch effective identity management services and fully monetize the solution to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Resources include:

  • “Go-to-Market in a Box” training to teach MSP staff to sell AuthAnvil 2FA and SSO as a service to customers
  • White-labeled sales and marketing materials to bolster the MSP selling process
  • Educational webinars for prospective MSP clients to help drive service demand

For more information on AuthAnvil SECaaS visit https://authanvil.com/msp-solutions/security-as-a-service

Traverse Network Monitoring-as-a-Service (NMaaS)

Traverse is a network monitoring and management solution that works with internal networks, the cloud, and hybrid networks. It tracks performance, uncovers problems, performs root cause analysis, and resolves problems.

The new NMaaS solution offers:

  • Access to one of the most powerful infrastructure monitoring platforms on the market
  • Sales and marketing training and resources to help get new sellers to market quickly
  • A valuable multi-tier, multi-tenant monitoring service that fits customers of all sizes
  • An easy source of monthly recurring revenues from new and existing customers

For more information on Traverse NMaaS visit https://www.traverse-monitoring.com/solutions/msp-monitoring-software

Powered Services, a Powerful MSP Differentiator

These Kaseya Powered Services are just the beginning. “MSPs must continually look for an edge to differentiate their services and stay relevant in this competitive market. Selling a new service used to be hard, and required a substantial upfront investment to get it off the ground. The beauty of Kaseya Powered Services is that it allows MSPs to go to market with new services lines at record speed, and generate immediate revenue gains,” said Jim Lippie, general manager, cloud computing at Kaseya:

“We provide everything an MSP needs – including positioning, sales training, pricing, packaging, and lead generation – so they can quickly and easily demonstrate their value, and get in the door with new customers. Our first two installments of end-user security and network monitoring as a service are only the beginning. We have big plans for this ‘in-the-box’ delivery system for many of our award-winning products including the upcoming release this fall of our cloud management as a service based on Unigma.”

2FA Buyer’s Guide

When implemented correctly using a quality solution, 2FA will keep your clients’ digital infrastructure safe without inconveniencing your employees. In most organizations, it does not take long after an implementation for staff to fall right back into their old routines. With 2FA this is fine because those old routines are now much safer.

You may want to use 2FA in conjunction with SSO to make it easier for employees to sign into your company’s system. SSO allows a user to have direct access to all of the platforms he uses, but he needs only one credential to access them. It is like having a single, very secure key to access 100 different doors with 100 individual locks.

SSO is definitely something to consider when evaluating 2FA vendors. However, remember that just offering SSO is not good enough – you need to do a deep dive to understand any 2FA vendor you are evaluating.

Check out our 2FA Buyers Guide for more information.

MSPs Hopping on Network and Systems Monitoring Bandwagon

Larger SMBs are outsourcing (or considering outsourcing) discrete internal facing IT functions. Network and systems monitoring is a leading candidate to be outsourced, as it is an internal-facing function that requires significant technical expertise that can be readily sourced from an MSP. Approximately 40 percent of SMBs recently surveyed indicated that they anticipate outsourcing their Network and systems management by 2020. Management of network infrastructure is often outsourced as part of an infrastructure upgrade project and provides MSPs with a recurring revenue stream to complement their project-based revenues.

Meanwhile, the criticality of private and public cloud-based applications makes monitoring these applications and the shared infrastructure that they run on a priority for clients.

The ability to monitor availability, rapidly assess, and address the root cause of performance problems and outages provides a strong value proposition for MSPs to offer to their clients.

MSPs interested in this growing area of business have been turning to Kaseya Traverse, which can help you manage the cloud and perform Root Cause Analysis in Complex Networks.

You can also learn more about Kaseya Traverse here.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.

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