Hybrid Network Monitoring Leaps Forward with Traverse 9.5

Traverse 9.5 Release

MSPs and IT pros alike have been making sense of on-premises and hybrid networks with the help of Traverse by Kaseya for over a decade. Now this solution offers even more in the form of the recently announced Traverse 9.5.

Topping the list of new features are improved automation to ease the burden of network monitoring and remediation as well as better visualization of our increasingly complex networks that now span on-premises, the cloud and everything in between.

MSPs are already passing on the benefits of Traverse to their clients. “Our customers depend on us to ensure the performance of their networks. In essence, they’ve entrusted us with the success of their business,” said Patrick Zimmer, principal, Wholestack Solutions, LLC.  “Traverse is an impressive solution that provides both unprecedented network visibility and the ability to take action so we can effectively monitor and manage our customers’ environments. Our clients trust our expertise to ensure the uptime of their networks and to select the best-in-breed tools that enable us to deliver right-sized solutions at the right time.”

Zimmer is not Traverse’s only service provider fan. “Traverse has been a boon to both productivity and service delivery for our team,” said Nick Smit, service manager, Axians. “The solution’s quick implementation, scalability, user friendliness, and extensive device support make it the preeminent network monitoring and management solution. As our clients expectations around network availability continue to rise, we are certain of Traverse’s ability to grow with our organization.”

Here’s what customers can look forward to when Traverse 9.5 ships next quarter.

Automation Profiles

  • Automatically apply custom and pre-defined monitoring policies to devices based on device properties during the discovery process to eliminate manual configurations
  • Dramatically speed device setup and monitoring change management for enterprises
  • Reduce customer onboarding time for MSPs by over 90 percent
  • Easy-to-create and customize rules that can be tailored by hundreds of attributes, including by customer, region and department

Panorama 2.0

  • An update to Traverse’s Panorama visualization interface introduces intelligent actions directly within the network topology view to deliver faster troubleshooting and enhanced IT control
  • Detailed dashboard that provides administrators with quick visibility into devices, applications and dependencies in an easy-to-understand dynamic layout
  • Powerful filters based on location and type of application to help administrators quickly drill down into a specific area, or see a larger business-wide view of the network
  • New HTML5 rendering that enables technician access from any phone, tablet, laptop or workstation

Live Connect Integration

  • Seamless integration with Kaseya Live Connect allows administrators to remotely view and manage servers and workstations that have the Kaseya agent installed on them
  • The ability to immediately troubleshoot and resolve network application issues faster and more easily
  • The combined power of Kaseya’s IT Complete solutions deliver greater IT insights and operational efficiencies via a centrally managed IT platform

EMA’s Take on Traverse

Noted research house EMA explored the value of Traverse by intensively interviewing one MSP customer. It noted, “Traverse has evolved over more than a decade of real-world deployments targeting advanced service management needs. Its customers are typically seeking more cost-efficient and cohesive approaches to optimizing IT service delivery than traditional platform solutions can provide.”

The Need to Monitor Complex, Mission-Critical Networks

Larger SMBs are outsourcing (or considering outsourcing) discrete internal-facing IT functions. Network and systems monitoring is a leading candidate to be outsourced, as it is an internal-facing function that requires significant technical expertise that can be readily sourced from an MSP. Approximately 40 percent of SMBs recently surveyed indicated that they anticipate outsourcing their Network and Systems Management by 2020. Management of network infrastructure is often outsourced as part of an infrastructure upgrade project and provides MSPs with a recurring revenue stream to complement their project-based revenues.

Meanwhile, the criticality of private/public cloud-based applications makes monitoring these applications and the shared infrastructure that they run on a priority for clients. The ability to monitor availability and rapidly assess and address the root cause of performance problems and outages provides a strong value proposition for MSPs to offer to their clients.

MSPs interested is this growing area of business have been turning to Kaseya Traverse, which can help you manage the cloud and perform Root Cause Analysis in Complex Networks.

Kaseya Traverse – the Hybrid Network Problem Solver

Kaseya Traverse is a network monitoring and remediation solution that offers a high-level of insight by intelligently discovering your network, starting with completely mapping all Layer 2 and 3 devices and defining the relationships that exists between all these devices. This includes network connectivity, disks, controllers, VLANs, file systems, fiber channel switches, printers, SAN, and NAS devices, as well as multiple, redundant paths in the network to prevent false suppressions.

Additionally, this process discovers the capabilities, size, capacity, and other key attributes of each element, and goes on to discover applications running on various devices, such as databases, active directory, radius, DNS, mail, and application servers.

Learn more about Kaseya Traverse here.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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