VSA’s Live Connect Helps Non-Profit Keep End Points Up – Without Breaking the Bank

The Arc Baltimore

Without the help of The Arc Baltimore, area residents with developmental disabilities would lead a far tougher life. The Arc provides core life services that allow its some 6,000 client to live independently at home rather than in institutions.

And without VSA by Kaseya, The Arc Baltimore had a far tougher time keeping computers in these client’s homes running and secure. Moreover, these computers are a key lifeline between the client and The Arc itself.

Before VSA, the non-profit had to manage and repair each machine – on a one-on-one basis, which often involved a technician physically visiting the client PC. That was expense and inefficient. “When I first started here, the company was spending hundreds of dollars on just mileage alone – probably around $400 dollars per month, per technician. Now, our mileage is under $400 for the entire year for me and that is a direct benefit from VSA,” said Janet Kroll, IT Manager of The Arc Baltimore.

Even worse, sometimes that visit would not fix the problem, causing the technician to make another costly and time consuming road trip. Part of this is that the techs had no visibility into the systems they were charged with repairing; often not even knowing what version of Windows was installed.

This expense was too much for the organization’s tight budget, a problem typical of non-profits. Kroll, a six-year The Arc veteran, looked for answer and found it in VSA by Kaseya.

Live Connect to the Rescue

One of IT’s favorite VSA features is Live Connect, a remote control system that gives technician deep access and control of end user devices – no matter where the technician may be.

“[Since] we found Kaseya, our visits to the homes have been cut drastically. We can easily remote in to the user’s system and fix the problem they are facing extremely fast and reliably,” Kroll explained.

Not just that, but VSA and Live Connect have created a more efficient and collaborative IT team. “The man hours on the road prevented us from all being in the office at the same time to allow us to be able to work on the projects we wanted to get up and running. With VSA, we’re no longer just putting out fires, we’re working proactively,” she said.

The Importance of Knowing What You Have

Before VSA, Arc technicians had no clue how most systems were configured. That not only made repairs difficult, but hamstrung the upgrade process. Now, thanks to VSA’s system auditing and inventory features, that problem is gone. “Every year we take the time to help our clients by recycling computers. What I’ll do is run a report and then filter it by who has the least amount of memory, and who has the worst PC so I can easily go in and replace the computers that need it the most, none of which would be possible without the help of VSA,” Kroll said.

Read the full case study here.

The Answer to The Arc’s Needs — VSA by Kaseya

VSA delivers the industry’s fastest, most reliable and functionally complete remote monitoring and management to reimagine the technician experience through:

  • Real Time Visibility: Live Connect module delivers immediate, comprehensive, and real-time visibility into every aspect of an end point such as CPU utilization, application processes, services, disk utilization, activity metrics and service tickets-without interrupting the end user’s system.
  • Fast Remote Control: VSA’s remote control is accessible within Live Connect to enable rapid resolution of complex device problems by technicians.
  • Reduced Site Visits: New Kaseya VSA and Intel vPro integration enables non-responsive PCs or kiosks to be repaired remotely without the cost or delays associated with a site visit.
  • Extensible Automation: Technicians can leverage an extensible library of automated procedures to address common issues, such as rebooting, disk cleanup, service restarts, or clearing registry problems.
  • Improved Technician Multi-tasking and Efficiency: Technicians can simultaneously monitor multiple devices, quickly toggle between remote sessions, and quickly zero-in to resolve issues.
  • New Technician Experience: Live Connect employs Google’s Material Design guidelines to deliver a modern, clean and intuitive interface, which further increases efficiency and dramatically reduces staff training requirements.

Learn more about VSA here.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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