Harvey and Irma: Hurricane Double-Whammy and How Kaseya Can Help

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Together We Are Strong

Hurricane Irma finally ran out of gas after blazing a trail of destruction across the southern United State. At Kaseya, our Miami headquarters was hit, but we all made it through. We committed to the Miami area and are just as committed to helping it come back.

Fortunately, we had enough notice to put contingency plans in place as Irma approached. We are reaching out to customers in impacted areas in Houston and Florida. When disasters like these strike, business often takes a backseat to family and personal safety. The right help in business data recovery makes this possible.

With that said, our first priority is with our most critically impacted customers as we focus our attention on those with the most acute needs.

The Kaseya Disaster Response Program

The newly launched Kaseya Disaster Response (KDR) program draws on Kaseya staffers with expertise in various areas of disaster recovery and prevention who can help those afflicted achieve business continuity and minimize disruption.

Hurricanes have always been part of our lives, and two more, Katia and Jose, may be poised to pose more problems.  That why preparedness and programs such as KDR, are so critical.

In the future, KDR will offer proactive disaster support with IT-related tips and advice for responding to the disasters to help stop downtime in its tracks. Dedicated phone and email contact points — unique to each occurrence and region — will be available.

Every time KDR is activated, Kaseya will donate to a relief agency aimed at helping that stricken area or partner with a relief agency helping that area.

The Kaseya Disaster Response program includes:

  • Proactive IT disaster support for responding to unforeseen events
  • Dedicated phone and email support unique to each occurrence and geographic region

To learn more, go to https://www.kaseya.com/lp/harvey-irma-relief.

Getting Ready for the Next One

We know we cannot stop disasters, but we can help stop them from turning our businesses into one. Education is a good place to state, such as by reading our Best Practices to Avoid Disaster Recovery Failures white paper.

You can also get more serious about backup, and do so in a way that offers disaster recovery for your critical data.

VSA  by Kaseya and Cloud Backup can help ensure your backups are done properly and that restorations get you fully back up on your feet. That can all be done with Kaseya Backup and Disaster Recovery.

VSA leverages policy-based automation to make sure your backups are done regularly and at the right time. You can set alerts to let you know when a backup has successfully completed or, equally importantly, when it has not.

Where file-based backups only handle the data, Kaseya creates a backup image of your complete system state so the system, not just the data, is restored. Meanwhile, these system backups can be replicated offsite for even deeper protection.

Back up Anything. Anywhere. Recover Any Way.

Kaseya Cloud Backup delivers the power of the world’s fastest backup solution integrated into your daily operations through Kaseya VSA. Back up anything and everything ― servers, workstations, disk images, files, folders, and more.

Fast and Flexible Disaster Recovery

Back up entire machines to Kaseya Cloud Backup to recover them instantly (including recovering all virtual machines), or back up volumes, directories, and individual files for more specific, efficient protection.

Learn more about how Kaseya Cloud Backup can help your company.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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