Melbourne MSP Gains Growth, High Customer Satisfaction with VSA

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Melbourne MSP Gains Growth, High Customer Satisfaction with VSA

Emerging IT is one of the top MSPs in Australia. This is all due to its long 16-year history, customer-first approach, and a wealth of services assisted mightily by Kaseya VSA, which the provider has used for over a decade. In fact, the provider currently manages over 5,000 endpoints at over 280 clients– all with little more than 35 technicians — thanks to VSA from Kaseya.

Selling Solutions Based on Customer Needs

With its rich and deep functionality, VSA is a standard tool for this provider, obviating the need for a gaggle of diverse, hard to manage solutions. “It made us more efficient with customer interactions. We pass that efficiency on to our customers, improving their efficiency in looking after their systems,” said Noel Irvine, sales and new technology director for the Melbourne-based MSP.

Two of VSA’s key benefits are security and fast problem remediation. “Patch management is very big. And with remote control, we are very agile with our helpdesk. We keep all our helpdesk in-house and do not outsource any of that. Having tools like VSA is vital to our customer response times and meeting our SLAs,” he argued.

Automation of various IT tasks is also critical for MSPs and customers alike. Emerging IT is now rolling out Kaspersky Lab (a Kaseya security partner) anti-virus to all of its endpoints, and VSA automation makes that far easier. “That’s been great. The automation from VSA helps us with that rollout compared to some of the old tools we had to use previously,” Irvine said.

Customer First Sales Approach

Mr. Irvine is vital to Emerging IT sales, and has a decidedly customer-centric approach. When Irvine talks to a customer, he shows that many of the tools they have in-house are easily supplanted by VSA.

Ultimately, Emerging IT is selling business value, not bits and bytes. Much of this value comes from simplifying IT operations. This is particularly true for one customer sector. “New customers that haven’t had any managed services exposure often have disparate ways of handling their systems internally. Some of them have little or no internal IT and others have some IT,” Irvine said.

IT automation, which VSA applies to many functions, is core to the efficiency and economic story. “If we can automate and make things happen behind the scenes and give you a better faster response and take the headaches away from your IT would that be what you’re looking for?” Irvine asked.

The MSP’s solutions, here driven in part by Kaseya, means that clients need not invest a huge amount in IT infrastructure and staff. Instead, clients leverage the MSP’s expertise and MSP tools such as VSA. Here is what Irvine tells prospects. “There’s a lot of investment in time and effort to get to that level of IT efficiency. We have done the hard yards. Let us do it for you, use our expertise and leverage our engineering and our people skills. We are your IT department,” he said.

The result is a deep business and technical relationship. “We see it as a partnership rather than work trying to sell you something. That’s why we’ve had so much success and longevity of our customers.”

AuthAnvil and the Future of Managed Security

After having such success with VSA, Emerging IT thought it would give AuthAnvil by Kaseya a whirl, and is now using the product internally. The solution offers multi-factor authentication, password management, and single sign-on – eying a service rollout.

The timing could not be better. “The threat environment is changing and making customers more educated as to security issues they need to be aware of,” Irvine said.

A Clear Cloud Future

Emerging IT learned about Unigma by Kaseya, a new cloud management solution, at the Kaseya Connect 2017 show in Las Vegas. A core Unigma function is detailed tracking of public cloud usage. “The Unigma product is very interesting. The public cloud is very much a growth environment, and we are now putting cloud solutions together for our customers. Being able to offer audits can be very useful in getting the cost-benefit analysis and showing the customer what they’re paying for,” he said. “I can see a very lucrative option there to offer a package of services for our customers using Unigma.”


Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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