EU MSPs Must Prep for GDPR – Kaseya Resource Center and Compliance Pack Here to Help

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set of rules that mandate tougher data protection for European Union (EU) citizens and companies.

While these stringent rules do not go into effect until May 25, 2018, MSPs and IT professionals should already be preparing, and if not, get started quickly.

While GDPR seems to impact only companies operating in the EU, it has broader implications, says one service provider. “Though GDPR is a European regulation, it impacts our business because we’re responsible for the data of our European customers,” said Mark Shaw, president, Stored Technology Solutions, Inc.

Fortunately, Kaseya this week announced the Kaseya GDPR Resource Center and Compliance Pack at Kaseya Connect Europe 2017, a move Shaw welcomes.

“With a new data breach headline in the news almost every day, securing our customers’ data both at home and abroad is of the utmost importance. The new Kaseya GDPR Compliance Pack combined with VSA’s powerful capabilities give us confidence that we’re prepared to take on the new regulation, and protect our customers against the threat of future cyberattacks,” Shaw said.

The pack helps assess IT environments, mitigate and remediate issues, and prove continuous compliance to avoid expensive penalties. These fines can be severe, up to 4% of the violating company’s revenue (not profit, which is far lower).

The Kaseya GDPR Resource Center is a multi-faceted approach that assists MSPs and IT organizations understand, plan and build their compliance strategies. The center features a community portal where MSPs and IT pros share ideas, tips, and best practices – and can ask and answer each other’s questions. It also comes with compliance reports and technology to increase GDPR compliance.

The technology works as a free plugin to Kaseya VSA remote monitoring and management solution (RMM), and lets MSPs, IT pros, data compliance officers and data privacy officers:

• Discover all IT systems across their infrastructure to meet the GDPR risk assessment requirements
• Audit the current state of their infrastructure and user accounts to identify vulnerabilities
• Update and patch operating systems and third-party software applications to mitigate and remediate IT issues
• Protect data against malware and viruses
• Continuously demonstrate compliance with GDPR requirements with the help of purpose-built reports

The development of the resource pack was driven by Kaseya customer needs. “Since GDPR was announced last year, our customers around the world have been struggling to understand the ramifications and coming to us for help to prepare them for the impact of the impending regulation. We developed the Kaseya GDPR Resource Center and Compliance Pack in response to this overwhelming feedback. Now our customers have the level of visibility they need to proactively mitigate and immediately remediate non-compliance issues within their infrastructure,” said Mike Puglia, chief product officer, Kaseya. “The implications of GDPR are far reaching and not limited to companies in the EU. Every company that handles data for customers in Europe must begin preparing for GDPR compliance now.”

Keys to GDPR Security and Compliance

GDPR represents a sea change in how security is approached. The good news is that complying with GDPR makes your overall security much stronger – a huge added benefit. “Companies need to understand that this is a major reform in data protection law; it rethinks everything about data security,” said Joanne Bone, a partner at law firm Irwin Mitchell LLP, who advises businesses across all sectors on IT issues, with a specialization in data protection and GDPR. “Any organizations that think GDPR is a simple tweaking of data protection requirements is missing the scope of how this law will impact so many areas,” Bone said. “Given the breadth of the legislation, if you don’t start the process of looking at how you can be compliant early on it will be much more painful and expensive later on.”

GDPR demands that companies notify customer of data breaches quickly and in a detailed manner. This requires deep visibility into systems, end points and the network. And this requires certain technology solutions.

One critical tool is remote monitoring and management (RMM) so one can monitor and remediate applications, servers, workstations, and remote computers. MSPs and IT need to know quickly when problems arise or there is a change in system status.

Preventing breaches and cyber-attacks can be done with patch management; in particular, with a solution that automatically updates servers, workstations, and remote computers with patches and software updates.


The Kaseya GDPR Compliance Pack is now available in VSA by Kaseya. To learn more, go to our GDPR Resource Center.

For detailed advice on GDPR Compliance, download our ‘Are You Ready For GDPR?’ white paper.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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