Theater Chain Taps VSA by Kaseya to Get the Big Picture

Vue Entertainment is part of Vue International, one of the world’s leading cinema operators. Two years ago, VUE started looking for an endpoint and software asset management system. At the time, the IT infrastructure for the entire business, including its 86 cinemas, was tracked using Excel spreadsheets.

Uptime and systems understanding were key to a much-needed change. “If we wanted to check if our PoS hardware was suitable for future applications, we relied on the spreadsheet for this information, which took significant time to maintain. It was very inefficient and time-consuming,” says Mike Rozwadowski, architecture manager at Vue Entertainment. “We’ve been growing aggressively over the past 10 years, and it’s important that we have the right tools to help the guys on the ground – those running the individual cinemas.”

There was also no quick and easy reporting system, so decision-making and planning relied on guesswork.

Enter Kaseya

System reliability is a must, and VUE began looking for an IT solution to help manage endpoints. Rozwadowski had heard of Kaseya – but a timely call from the sales team convinced him that VSA’s endpoint monitoring and management system would be worth a trial. “We kicked off using just the asset management functionality, but pretty quickly we realized that the product had a lot more to offer than we first thought,” he recalls.

Now the team uses VSA for almost any task that can be automated and controlled via a central dashboard including software deployments, running regular maintenance checks on tills, kiosk management, monitoring disk space and patch management. “Having a product which can detect a problem, log a ticket, and then resolve it automatically is one of many powerful features under the hood,” says Rozwadowski.

The end of break-fix, and new era of automation

Now Kaseya VSA monitors and maintains Vue’s systems in a proactive way, delivering advance warnings of any risk of failure to enable remediation before users are impacted. For example, if the system detects something wrong with the PoS system, it will automatically run through a number of pre-defined scripts and policies to remove any possible errors, and allow IT admins to more quickly and effectively pinpoint the root cause of problems.

Typically, in the past something needed to stop working before it was fixed. Now with the help of VSA, Vue takes a proactive approach to IT maintenance and management. “We are able to see the current status of all our devices — both hardware and software. Automation has not only saved us time, but also helps us utilize our resources more productively. Upgrading one of our key applications within the business used to be done manually with someone connecting to each cinema remotely and running a series of packages. With the automation in VSA, we have now reduced a 2 to 3 month rollout plan to a matter of weeks. We now have more time to focus on impactful projects and be forward thinking, rather than constantly playing catch up with day-to-day operations,” says Rozwadowski.

Talking to Rozwadowski, it is clear that Kaseya VSA has made a significant difference to Vue. “It has so much functionality in one solution with an intuitive, centralized console that allows us to control all of our IT. Whether it is using the remote control function to troubleshoot issues, writing scripts and procedures to automate time-consuming tasks, or simply installing Google Chrome onto a laptop, VSA provides a robust set of features that enable us to stay on top of our IT management needs in the fast-paced world of retail. All in all, it’s pretty exciting to use,” he notes.

VSA has relieved stress on the IT systems and staffers. ”We were always so busy with the day-to-day upkeep. By automating the majority of this allow process, we could concentrate more on overall strategy and forward-thinking projects,” Rozwadowski concludes.

Learn the full story of how Kaseya Helps Vue Get the Big Picture, and find out how VSA by Kaseya delivers the industry’s fastest, most reliable, and functionally complete remote monitoring and management to reimagine the technician experience at

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.

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