Insights Portal Offers Detailed Comparisons of MSP Services Offered

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Prospects may fall in love with your technology and company, but unless you can prove the economic superior of your offering, the sale could easily fall through.

That is where the recently launched MSP Insights portal comes in. As a vendor to thousands of MSPs, Kaseya has plenty of market insight. In fact, we have years of research on pricing, IT operations, our competitor’s products, pricing, and levels of effectiveness under our belt. This proprietary (as in you cannot get it anywhere else) technical data has been transformed into a Web-based, intuitive analysis and service comparison solution. MSPs can compare their service offerings against peers in terms of pricing, breadth of service and technology, and benchmark the overall performance of their offerings.

With this benchmarking information against peers, you will see not just where you have a competitive advantage, but perhaps more importantly, where you need a boost to become competitive.

“Our customer-centric mentality is what drives Kaseya to constantly develop new technology, tools, and services meant to help our MSP customers grow revenues and earn more market share,” said Mike Puglia, chief product officer at Kaseya. “Competitive analysis, though extremely important, can be costly and time-intensive. Through our new MSP Insights portal, MSPs can now glean critical knowledge about the strategies of the competition within minutes. What’s more, Kaseya has done all the hard work in the back end so our customers can access the critical information they need and focus on what is most important, running and expanding their own business.”

The good news for MSPs is that the services market is growing far faster than the overall economy. According to research, the services market in the United States will rise from an already impressive $145.33 billion n 2016 to $242.45 billion by 2021. The bad news is this opportunity is luring more competitors to an already crowded space.

No Longer a Price/Commodity Game

In the break/fix game, MSP services were a bit of an undifferentiated commodity. The lower the MSP’s cost structure the better the price – and the larger the market share.

That has all changed. SMBs are demanding the same technologies used by large enterprises, and the pressure is on for MSPs to deliver.

Our MSP Global Pricing Survey showed that the fastest growing MSPs offer the most modern and rich technologies, such as backup and recovery, security, and network and infrastructure monitoring services. Among these high performing MSPs, the competition is for who can deliver the best quality of these types of services.

A Managed Services Believer

Dataprise’s Mick Shah, SVP of technical services at the leading MSP, believes that understanding competing MSP services is critical to service provider success.

“The ability to look under the covers, so to speak, at what our competitors are offering customers speaks volumes to our sales team. MSP Insights allows us to stay in front of market technology trends and see what new technologies our customers require. This empowers us to continually update the types of technology and services we offer, which directly leads to new business and overall company growth for Dataprise,” Shah said.

Learn more about MSP Insights by Kaseya and see how you compare to other MSPs.


Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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