Kaseya VSA and Traverse Tag Team to Drive Computex Service Growth

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Computex 30 Years of Excellence

Computex Technology Solutions is a pioneer in the field of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). NaaS is an integral part of the company’s cloud and managed services offerings, and Kaseya drives much of that action. The MSP portion of its services demonstrates the influence of Kaseya solutions, namely Traverse by Kaseya and VSA by Kaseya.

“Computex has a wide breadth of IT services. On the professional services side, we do implementations of Exchange, Office 365, VMware — if it is in IT, we have a practice that accomplishes it. Our second side of the house is managed services as well as cloud services,” said Joel Garrison, senior systems engineer for cloud and managed services infrastructure at Computex. “And we are a hosting provider so we host Exchange, VoIP, and other IT services.”

Kaseya enables much of what Computex does. “On the managed services side, we use Kaseya products to manage desktop, server, router, and switch infrastructure,” Garrison said.

Making Small Work of Network Monitoring Challenges

Computex added Traverse by Kaseya in 2014 and now uses it in unison with VSA.

“The major issue we were running into was the need to be vendor-agnostic. When we started Network-as-a-Service, we were strictly 100 percent Cisco. One brand. It was Cisco or nothing,” Garrison remembered. “Companies would ask us to monitor other brands, and we would have to tell them that we couldn’t. So the client would say ‘no problem, we’ll find someone else.’ We quickly realized the importance of vendor-agnostic monitoring.”

Tipping the scales for Traverse was the integration with VSA by Kaseya, its backup capabilities, and the panoramic view of the network — both on-premises and in the cloud — that it offered.

Hosting and the Need for Monitoring and Management

As mentioned, Computex’s network has two roles – one to support hosting and another to deliver managed services.

“Through our hosting provider side, customers connect to our network. We then, use Traverse to monitor these customers’ environments within our network,” Garrison detailed.

For larger customers that own their own networks, such as a major retailer, Computex and Traverse can help manage those networks as well.

“If a site goes down for whatever reason, such as router or switch, we know instantaneously that it is no longer responding to pings. A lot of times we’re able to call the customer and let them know they are down before they even know it,” Garrison said.

But where Traverse really shines is with hybrid networks. “Since we are a hoster, we are the customer’s private cloud. Our customers have on-premises items within their office, and also items within my cloud,” Garrison explained.

The Ability to Scale

A successful and growing MSP such as Computex Technology Solutions must be able to scale its operations to handle an influx of new customers. VSA helps that with easy onboarding and fast remediation of problems. “Once you have built the template of what you want one customer to look like, you easily replicate that to your next customer. You build out a policy in VSA of how you want it, then copy this policy as a template to Customer A. If I want to customize it — say there are a few fields that are different for Customer B — I copy Customer A’s template, make a few changes, and give it to Customer B,” Garrison explained. “It’s the same with Traverse. I already know what I need to get from Cisco. With Traverse, I type an IP address in a field that says department and hit submit. I get all the data I need back so scaling is simple.”

The Role of Live Connect

A big part of MSP remediation services is VSA’s Live Connect, which provides remote access and control of endpoints.

With VSA, Computex NOC engineers can quickly connect with end users, even if they do not have a VSA agent installed on their endpoint. “VSA is a lot faster than having to call my customer and tell them they need to go to this URL and type this code. Now the customer simply goes to an icon at the bottom of the page, which pulls up Live Connect in one click, and all of a sudden I have access to their desktop,” Garrison said.

A Bright Kaseya-Powered Future

With nearly a decade and a half of experience with Kaseya solutions, Computex is well versed in applying these solutions to core IT managed services. Now with Traverse working in tandem with VSA, Computex is on its way to leveraging the vision of Kaseya IT Complete – a framework and set of integrated solutions for broad and deep IT and network management, and problem solving.

Read more about how Kaseya’s portfolio enhances growth strategies for Computex Technology Solutions.

The Role of VSA

VSA delivers the industry’s fastest, most reliable and functionally complete remote monitoring and management to reimagine the technician experience through:

  • Real Time Visibility: Live Connect module delivers immediate, comprehensive, and real-time visibility into every aspect of an endpoint such as CPU utilization, application processes, services, disk utilization, activity metrics and service tickets-without interrupting the end user’s system.
  • Fast Remote Control: VSA’s remote control is accessible within Live Connect to enable rapid resolution of complex device problems by technicians.
  • Reduced Site Visits: New Kaseya VSA and Intel vPro integration enables non-responsive PCs or kiosks to be repaired remotely without the cost or delays associated with a site visit.
  • Extensible Automation: Technicians can leverage an extensible library of automated procedures to address common issues, such as rebooting, disk cleanup, service restarts, or clearing registry problems.
  • Improved Technician Multi-tasking and Efficiency: Technicians can simultaneously monitor multiple devices, quickly toggle between remote sessions, and quickly zero-in to resolve issues.
  • New Technician Experience: Live Connect employs Google’s Material Design guidelines to deliver a modern, clean and intuitive interface, which further increases efficiency and dramatically reduces staff training requirements.

Learn more about VSA here.

Traverse Leads Network Monitoring Charge

Kaseya Traverse is a network monitoring and remediation solution that offers a high-level of insight by intelligently discovering your network, starting with completely mapping all Layer 2 and 3 devices and defining the relationships that exists between all these devices. This includes network connectivity, disks, controllers, VLANs, file systems, fiber channel switches, printers, SAN, and NAS devices, as well as multiple, redundant paths in the network to prevent false suppressions.

Additionally, this process discovers the capabilities, size, capacity, and other key attributes of each element, and goes on to discover applications running on various devices, such as databases, active directory, radius, DNS, mail, and application servers.

Learn more about Kaseya Traverse here.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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