People’s Bank & Trust Enhances Customer and Employee Experience and Achieves Compliance with VSA by Kaseya

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Unlike large banks and financial institutions, local banks and credit unions don’t have the luxury of a plethora of funds when it comes to most daily oeprations. In fact, more often than not these smaller organizations will run into challenges because of the limited budget they have allocated for their IT department. People’s Bank and Trust knows about the unfortunate fact all too well.

To deliver the best banking experience possible, it’s the job of the IT department to make sure each technology-related interaction a customer or employee has is as efficient as possible. According to Ziya Gunay, assistant vice president at People’s Bank and Trust, the organization is constantly looking for ways to better serve its customers.  “We really stay on top of technology as one of our number one goals. We want to give our customers everything the big banks offer and go from there. This way we can retain our existing customers and grow our customer base,” states Gunay.

However, nine years ago there was an issue. The team was juggling a number of Windows dashboards to manage IT, which took away countless hours from getting more done during the day. “I had to go to one dashboard to perform audits and another dashboard to do agent procedures. We didn’t even have a dashboard for remote features that allowed us to interact with end users. This became a huge problem for our day-to-day operators,” states Gunay.

With this in mind, Gunay knew he right away he needed to bring in an enhanced IT solution to solve his team’s persistent issues. At first he began looking at solutions that service providers had recommended like SolwarWinds N-able and GFI LanGuard, but neither were the right fit. When he began his search again he eventually found exactly what he was looking for in VSA by Kaseya. “When I was researching which product would best fit our needs, VSA’s single dashboard functionality out of the box is what sold us. The product offered us nine or 10 things right away, including audit reporting, remote control, and patch management. At the same time, other IT management products weren’t offering these features, or they came as add-ons that would cost as more money. Kaseya was able to give me everything I needed in a single solution, and if I needed something later I could easily do that. That was a key differentiator over every other product,” Gunay explains.

Remote Access Saves the Day

While using multiple dashboards was a pain for the IT department, it wasn’t as inconvenient as the lack of remote access into systems. Prior to deploying VSA, Gunay and his team had to travel to each location to fix issues and perform system audits manually. Factor in 12 separate locations throughout the state of Kansas, and the team had some serious mileage costs, not to mention the time it took away from daily tasks.

Additionally, employees didn’t want to be interrupted by having thei machines out of service due to IT maintenance. Thanks to VSA however, this was no longer a problem. “Previously our manual process of repairing machines caused everyone to lose time during the day to work on their tasks. Now, with VSA’s patch management, employees are no longer disrupted because I’m able to do everything at night or on the weekends. It has and continues to save the company a lot of time and money,” states Gunay.

In fact, Gunay admits, VSA’s remote access was the key selling point that convinced his management team to invest in the product. “The decision to use Kaseya meant having an upfront cost. So I had to sell my management team on that, but it was an easy sell. All I had to say was ‘Instead of me having to travel to 12 different places, I can do all of it from here with VSA. We save gas mileage; save money on the bank car that we were driving; and save hours off the road.’ There were just too many cost savings to say no,” recalls Gunay.

Audit Reports Made Simple with VSA

Another painstaking process that comes with working in financial services is staying in compliance with regulations decreed by FDIC, even more so than when Gunay started using VSA in 2008. Nowadays the auditor’s process is much more stringent than ever before. But thanks to VSA, Gunay hasn’t had to worry much about it. “VSA has helped us a lot. For instance, we just faced the Federal Reserve exam. Even before the auditors come, they can request certain reports from us. If you’re able to generate those reports and deliver them in a timely manner, they are very comfortable coming in. With VSA, I’m able to provide reports within minutes for whatever they may ask. I can go to the reports functionality info center, easily generate a report, and send it to the examiners. They’re extremely happy to see that we’re using a systematic solution to check our systems, deploy updates and new software, and generate reports,” says Gunay.

The ability to automate reporting to auditors has saved countless hours for Gunay and his team, and without it, the process would be an arduous task. “I can’t imagine not having VSA and its reporting functionality because we’ve depended on it for almost 10 years. I don’t know if there’s a way to get those reports without VSA, and if there is, I imagine it would take quite some time to do,” declares Gunay.

Check out everything Ziya Gunay had to say in our full People’s Bank and Trust case study here.



Posted by Doug Barney
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