IT Glue Deal Brings Documentation Value to RMM and PSA Solutions

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IT pros and service providers are often so busy solving problems and creating new solutions that they too rarely take the time to document what they have done. The trouble comes later when staff, especially new hires, are charged with supporting these applications and infrastructure without knowing the full details.

Documentation software, such as that from IT Glue, is the answer. Users of the remote monitoring and management solution VSA by Kaseya and BMS (a PSA tools), can now benefit from this documentation, thanks to a new reseller agreement that allows Kaseya to sell IT Glue directly.

Kaseya recently announced this strategic reseller agreement that also includes an integration partnership with IT Glue, the world’s fastest-growing IT documentation platform. Through joint research and development, the partnership gives MSPs best-in-class IT efficiency, operations, and documentation all within the Kaseya IT Complete Unified MSP Growth Platform.

IT Glue allows MSPs to put client information at the technician’s fingertips, leading to better technician load balancing for MSPs. The platform enables MSPs to centralize and standardize documentation for IT processes, applications, devices, passwords, and other IT assets so critical information can be stored securely and easily accessed by those who need it, when they need it. With MSPs losing up to 20 percent of daily business productivity resources searching for IT-related information, IT Glue’s documentation platform reduces IT waste by more than 50 percent.

The IT Glue partnership is just one example of how Kaseya consistently broadens its open platform of best-in-breed solutions by continuously growing its technology partner ecosystem. “The overwhelming feedback we get from our customers worldwide on IT Glue is that ‘it just works.’ So it was an easy decision to team up with them to turbocharge the intelligence and operational efficiency in the Kaseya IT Complete platform,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya.

Advantages of IT Documentation

There are many benefits of IT documentation. With comprehensive IT documentation, service providers can:

  • Close Tickets Faster – When your infrastructure is well documented, you can easily discover and troubleshoot end user problems, identify the causes and craft resolution strategies.
  • Better Handle Staff Turnover – Employees are rarely permanent, and when a staffer leaves, they take their institutional knowledge with them. Having systems documented and tracked means that that knowledge actually can stay behind, no matter who leaves.
  • Onboard New Hires more efficiently – Chances are your team is growing, and as we noted, staffers often leave. If your systems are richly documented, new employees can quickly learn all the ins and outs. Moreover, when a problem arises, they have a self-service resource to help them figure it out.
  • Get Better Vendor Support – Getting vendor support is far more efficient if you can quickly reference serial numbers, configurations, settings, and other data. This way you are not wasting time trying to explain how things are set up.
  • Handle Mergers and Acquisitions – Companies are often bought and sold, and end up saddled with IT infrastructure they do not understand. If you are involved in M&A, a well-documented infrastructure is essential to assessing value, passing due diligence and making integration quick and relatively painless.

The right documentation solution can give you standard operating procedures, knowledge bases and support manuals for every facet of your IT infrastructure, and with very little attention, it can be kept constantly up-to-date.

Such a solution automatically keeps track of assets and devices, offers relationship mapping that links applications to licenses, usernames, and passwords. It also maps your business’ organizational structure, so you know which assets and systems are tied to each department and role.

Finally, universal search lets you find the data you are looking for, without poring through myriad papers, spreadsheets or databases.

There are also advantages specific to the partnership between Kaseya and IT Glue. The combined strength of both companies:

  • Increases the number of tickets that can be supported by each IT technician at a lower cost per ticket
  • Allows MSPs to scale and support more clients easily without increasing headcount, leading to growth in both revenue and profitability
  • Compresses the learning curve and training time for new IT technicians with client and process intelligence immediately available within IT Glue
  • Leverages client knowledge stored in IT Glue to transform every IT technician into an expert on every client by empowering them with the deepest knowledge about each customer’s IT infrastructure and configuration
  • Enables staffing flexibility by reducing dependence on specialized client-level technician knowledge
  • Helps technicians resolve customer problems faster, leading to increased levels of client support and customer satisfaction.

IT Glue is the 2018 Premier sponsor of Kaseya’s Accelerate Live roadshows and will speak and exhibit throughout the 2018 tour. To learn more about Kaseya Accelerate and find an event near you visit

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