Meet the Radical New World of Remote Monitoring and Management – RMM 2.0


Most RMM solutions have a legacy past, and haven’t kept up with the needs of top MSPs and IT pros. And because they lack breath, admins and MSP techs are forced to grapple with multiple discrete tools. In all cases, RMM users must install a separate network management solution to watch and repair key network functions.

IT Complete MSP Edition

The new version of VSA by Kaseya, announced today, changes all that, and represents a generational leap in endpoint and network management. The new VSA leapfrogs the industry as the only, single, RMM solution to combine endpoint and network management. It also includes crowdsourced automation, and dynamic documentation capture and retrieval to drive technician productivity and efficiency.

MSPs and internal IT organizations can now more effectively manage their entire IT infrastructures – from the endpoint to the network – via a single platform.

The Challenge

As businesses become more dependent on data and applications, the endpoints and networks they run on become mission-critical. To ensure that business applications and data resources are always available, internal IT teams and MSPs are being forced to develop the same depth in capability to manage the network infrastructure as they have for managing workstations and servers. The expanded demand on technicians has traditionally been answered through automation. However, in today’s world of rising labor costs and competitive market dynamics, the need for automation outpaces the MSP and IT team’s capacity to create it. Meanwhile, MSP and IT teams struggle to find and share contextual knowledge, maintain accurate documentation, adapt to change, and satisfy the expanding demands of their customers.

IT teams and MSPs need a second-generation RMM that addresses both endpoints AND infrastructure, fulfills the complete IT automation needs of a complex system, and increases the speed and efficiency at which their technicians function.

“Organizations of all sizes are increasingly dependent on business applications where the endpoints and networks they run on are mission-critical to the business,” said Fred Voccola, CEO, Kaseya. “With anything less than 100 percent availability seen as a failure, today’s MSPs are under mounting pressure to deliver superior management across the entire IT environment including workstations, servers, mobile devices and network infrastructure. This expanded demand severely taxes service delivery cost structures, necessitating an increase in technician productivity and efficiency that can only be achieved through expanded automation and access to automated IT documentation.”

The Solution

The new VSA is now architected to combine both endpoint and network management into a unified solution and includes the Kaseya Automation Exchange – the industry’s only in-product, crowdsourced automation platform to meet automation needs at exponential scale – and AssetIQ, powered by IT Glue – the world’s only instant, dynamic, IT self-documentation engine.

“We built VSA from the ground up as a native solution that delivers the most unified, collaborative, and scalable IT infrastructure management experience in the world. By working on VSA’s underlying architecture, we set out to create a paradigm shift in the very definition of remote monitoring and management by marrying endpoint and network management into a single, seamless application and interface. As a result, we’ve created a game-changing leap with RMM 2.0,” Voccola said.

Highlighted features of RMM 2.0 include:

Comprehensive, Unified Endpoint and Network Management

  • VSA’s architecture provides technicians with a single interface to manage and monitor traditional endpoints, as well as manage and monitor network infrastructure. VSA’s deep access to endpoint and infrastructure data empowers technicians to auto-remediate or remote across the entire environment and correlate both endpoint and network events to quickly identify the root cause of issues.
  • A combined endpoint and network management solution reduces the cost of licensing separate solutions, along with the associated headaches of managing multiple vendor relationships.

Collaborative Automation Exchange

  • In-product automation platform equips Kaseya users with a continuously expanding library of in-product automation produced by a crowd-sourced army of over 100,000 Kaseya users building and sharing automation on a daily basis.
  • Crowd-sourced automation helps “future-proof” MSPs and internal IT organizations against challenges they have yet to face with a global team of peers continuously building automation scripts for what they need today, or might need tomorrow.
  • Automation Exchange content encompasses the complete range of IT infrastructure management from the endpoint through the network.

Contextual Documentation, Courtesy of AssetIQ – Powered by IT Glue

  • Empowers technicians with essential, contextual information about their IT infrastructure at their fingertips while operating within VSA.
  • Provides automated documentation such as asset backup configuration, file sharing settings, who made the last change, and why.
  • Accessible from within the Live Connect remote control experience.

For more information about VSA and the next-generation of RMM by Kaseya visit:

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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