Kaseya One: Single Interface Makes IT Complete a Snap to Use


MSPs and IT pros are all about efficiency. There are problems to be solved, systems to be secure, software to be updated, and data to be stored.

If these myriad functions all come with unique interfaces, confusion and inefficiency reigns. That is why Kaseya today announced Kaseya One – a new role-based, single pane of glass that radically transforms the way IT is done. With the Kaseya One dashboard, users quickly and easily gain powerful insight into their network for complete IT infrastructure management.

The single interface works with all Kaseya IT Complete applications, which was just updated to include the solutions shown in the graphic below.

IT Complete is a set of MSP and IT solutions that provide a great and growing swath of IT functions. As new solutions are added to the IT Complete stack, they can take advantage of the Kaseya One interface which also acts as a high level of integration.

Designed from the ground up to optimize efficiency and productivity, Kaseya One delivers role-based, bird’s eye views of infrastructure monitoring that empowers users to quickly and decisively drill down into tasks or potential problem areas and gain critical insights into the inner workings of their Kaseya deployment. By reimagining IT workflow, Kaseya One is the latest disruptive technology to reinforce the Kaseya IT Complete platform, the industry’s leading solution suite built specifically to help MSPs boost revenue and grow their business.

Available first in a service manager/network operations center (NOC) manager view, Kaseya One seamlessly gathers data from all Kaseya solutions and integrations in the user’s environment, such as remote monitoring and management (RMM) data in VSA, BDR data in Kaseya Unified Backup, professional services automation (PSA) data in BMS, and third-party vendor data such as IT documentation in IT Glue, with zero set up. Rather than bouncing between different applications to access necessary information and waste precious time, users now have a single, holistic, role-based view that enables them to immediately be productive while also simplifying IT team management and infrastructure monitoring.

“Kaseya One is a revolutionary way for MSPs to manage their IT workflow. It empowers each user with a comprehensive, customized view of the critical data they need to uncover actionable insights. By streamlining access to all your Kaseya solutions, Kaseya One adds a new layer of efficiency and transparency that dramatically enhances everyday operations. As we look to the future of IT and this product, it will be our customers who will guide the direction of Kaseya One so that we can continuously deliver an impactful solution that meets their needs,” said Frank Tisellano, Jr., vice president product management and design, Kaseya.

The usability of the data visualized in the Kaseya One dashboard is vast, inspiring more efficient workflows, simpler policy management, and better reporting. A challenge for any MSP is working remotely with its clients, and in many cases, working with multiple, disparate systems. Kaseya One brings it all together within a single, streamlined, fresh aesthetic that empowers users with complete control over their network including service management, service health, security status updates, backup, technician bandwidth, ticketing and more. With free single sign-on to all critical Kaseya applications, MSPs can rest assured that simple and secure access is only granted to those who should have it.

As part of our commitment to remaining an open platform, Kaseya One will integrate and provide insights into non-Kaseya products to ensure that Kaseya customers have the most optimal experience across all the products in their environment.

“At Kaseya, we recognize that most MSPs have a heterogeneous environment and will leverage products from multiple vendors for the foreseeable future,” said Fred Voccola, CEO, Kaseya. “In order to best support and assist our MSPs in growing their business and operating as efficiently as possible, we will continue our significant investment strategy to integrate with non-Kaseya products. The inclusion of IT Glue is just the first example of this. In the near future, we plan to include other third-party products from vendors such as ConnectWise and Datto/Autotask. We have one objective at Kaseya and that is to help our MSPs be the best MSPs, period.”



Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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