We Have a Winner for Sysmas!


And the winner is …

Thank you, everyone, for the interest you showed in our SysAdmin Day contest. We are proud to say it was an overwhelming success! The sheer number of entries has reinstated our faith in the fact that we are moving in the right direction.

The contest is now closed and the winners will be declared August 14th on our website. Stay tuned and do check back with us on August 14th to find out who the lucky winners are.

We will once again like to thank all the SysAdmins out there. We sincerely wish that the excitement and energy of the day will help you come up with fresh ways of thinking about IT Solutions that affect our business and day-to-day life. A day or a week is not enough to appreciate you, for what you do. If it were not for you guys, we would be living in the Age of Jurassic IT.

What do the winners get?

Our love and respect.

And more …

Five lucky winners will take home a crate of IT Survival Gear. This curated collection of useful and fun items is valued at over $500. It may not ward off asteroids or upgrade your Jurassic IT, but it will help keep you going long past 5 pm.

Your stoic dedication to warding of disasters will not go un-noticed with Kaseya around. Thank you for your enthusiasm, and we hope you enjoy your prizes!

What if I am not among the lucky ones?

Last but not least, the participants. We are very appreciative of the amazing amount of support we had from our SysAdmin community, considering the overwhelming amount of work that fills your day. This contest wouldn’t have been a success without your support.

For the first 500 respondents who took the time to fill out the form before the contest closed, we are sending a T-shirt your way so you can proclaim your epic greatness, long after the balloons are popped and the confetti is swept away.

We look forward to doing this again next year! 

But August 14 is a week away!

Yes. And we promise the reward is going to be worth the wait.

While we can’t declare the winners any sooner, what we will suggest you do is, you can check out our webinar on Jurassic IT. As a SysAdmin, you are the first line of defence when it comes to online malicious attacks. Hence, it’s imperative for you to know if your arsenal is up-to-date to take on these attacks, or if you still relying on the tools that belong to the Jurassic age of IT.

For beginners, some of the top signs that you are living with Jurassic IT are:

  • You still use a VPN for off-network management
  • You are in IT, but can’t see key assets on the network
  • Your remote control to your end users machines and seem to interrupt them at the worst times
  • Your first-alert monitoring system sounds just like the screams from end users
  • The concept of auto-remediate means have your tech fix it anyway

Tracy Hernandez, VP of Product Marketing at Kaseya, explains the elements that can help you simplify your IT stack, expand your capabilities, and address the risk of Jurassic IT. In this webinar you will learn;

  • Key stories from Jurassic IT
  • Trends and Challenges: Kaseya IT Operations Benchmark data
  • Re-thinking Endpoint Management
  • Live Product Demo

And much more. Watch here.

Again, a big thanks to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for 14th August when we declare the winners and distribute the prizes.


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