Plan to Expand without Slowing Down Your Business

Embracing new SMB Customer Demands

By John Durant, EVP & CTO, Kaseya

It’s a great time to be in the managed services business. Indeed, as more enterprises expand their infrastructures and move to the cloud, the global market for managed services is expected to nearly double to $260 billion in the six years from 2016 to 2022.

As managed service providers (MSPs) seek to capitalize on the growing demand for their services, many tell me one of the major issues they struggle with is hiring new IT technicians. As they expand, MSPs need to hire more people. Yet doing so takes experienced techs away from their everyday work in order to train these new hires.  Bringing a new tech up-to-speed can require many dozens of hours of training over a several-month period. Not only does this slow down the pace of business, but it can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in lost services revenue and less happy customers in the near term.

By finding innovative ways to onboard new techs, MSPs can significantly shorten the training process. Experienced techs spend less time away from their billable work, and new hires can rapidly begin serving clients—leading to better customer service and increased profits.

Streamlining the training process

Kaseya has been working to help MSPs improve their onboarding processes. And we now offer two services to help MSPs quickly train new techs. We recently signed an integration partnership with the IT documentation platform IT Glue that enables MSPs to centralize and standardize documentation for IT processes, applications, devices, passwords, and other IT assets. Using this platform, new hires can securely access the exact information they need, right when they need it, reducing assistance from experienced techs. The platform also makes it easy for MSPs to follow consistent processes, improving client service and minimizing the effects of employee turnover.

We also offer Automation Exchange, a free online forum that lets MSPs access script packages designed by Kaseya while sharing their own custom scripts for automating tasks. By incorporating these scripts into their work, new hires can bypass the ramp-up time required for many manual processes and simply run the scripts they need to perform their day-to-day work. It’s the difference between teaching a new hire calculus or giving them a calculator—and it can save significant amounts of time.

Faster onboarding = higher profits

Combined, these two services can dramatically shorten the onboarding process, allowing MSPs to quickly bring new hires up-to-speed. At a time when many MSPs are looking to scale their businesses, these services add up to a more efficient training process, more revenue for MSPs, and happier customers.

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Posted by John Durant
As Kaseya’s Executive Vice President of Engineering, John Durant leads the company’s product development and cloud/SaaS operations teams. A business-minded technologist, he applies his rich management and executive leadership experience in aligning innovation and operational teams to best serve the needs of customers. Known for his infectious energy and strong sense of mission, he empowers and inspires his teams to build better products, strengthen foundations, and innovate in meaningful ways. John joined Kaseya in the summer of 2017 from Code42 where he served as CTO & SVP with responsibilities for Cloud Operations, IT, Product Management, and Engineering. Before Kaseya, he worked as an executive for a venture research firm where he used a lean startup approach and predictive analytics to develop new business entities in technology and health care. Earlier, he led software development efforts at Microsoft for eight years and co-authored the popular technical book, “XML Programming Bible, 3rd Edition.” When not at work, John has his hands full with the exciting and fast-paced activities of his six sons.

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