How to Avoid the Windows 10 October 2018 Update Problems with Kaseya


The Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2018 update, code named Redstone 5, is the most bug-prone update in the company’s history. File deletion and driver compatibility issues are the latest in the never-ending saga of challenges with  the Windows 10 update which is now also causing problems with the files in compressed (ZIP) folders.

If we look at the history of the Microsoft update release process, Microsoft always released updates after getting it beta tested by a select group of users. Redstone was one update not beta tested, hence the cropping up of issues almost every other day.

How does one deploy updates that cause such problems? How does one prepare for the installation itself? That is where Kaseya comes in.

Software Management with Kaseya                                            

VSA by Kaseya can help monitor updates and handle issues from failed updates. VSA’s Software Management Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of your entire environment, making it easy to spot vulnerabilities. You can also monitor individual machines for vulnerabilities, pending patches and errors while installing patches.

VSA manages systems based on profiles. That means admins can override profiles, thus denying a specific patch or block a specific update to a single or set of machines.

Policy Management with Kaseya

One problem is endpoints without enough hard drive space. Here the Windows 10 update deletes files and crashes systems. Fortunately, the VSA Policy Management Module helps to automate policies, which can scan for hard drive space, create alerts for insufficient storage space and kick off procedures to clean up hard drives.

Kaseya Automation Exchange to the Rescue

Kaseya Automation Exchange is a marketplace for sharing, buying and selling agent procedures, reports, templates and other types of automation for Kaseya’s products.

The agent procedure for the Windows 10 October Update is in the archive here. It is recommended to have at least 20GB free on the system before running the procedure.

To watch an on-demand webinar in which Anthony Sayegh, Lead Sales Engineer at Kaseya, explains in detail how Kaseya helps you with updates, click here.





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