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What distinguishes a great MSP such as Dynamic Computing, Inc. from a good one? Is it the promise of delivering high-performance solutions, round the clock support and competitive pricing? Not necessarily, because every other service provider makes that promise. It might be essential for winning client trust, but is only a small part of the MSP story.

Organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of adapting their business strategy to new models and technologies. Securing long-term customers largely depends on an MSP’s ability to not just align their services and scale to meet the current business requirements of the customer, but also foresee where they want to be five years down the road.

That said, the quality of your service takes a front row seat when it comes to forming strong, lucrative client partnerships. Meanwhile, the services you provide are only as good as the tools you use to provide them.

A Dynamic Duo

Founded in 2000 at the height of the .com boom, Dynamic Computing is today a leading Managed IT Services provider located in downtown Seattle. 2011 marked the beginning of their partnership with Kaseya for Dynamic to implement a systems management and automation platform. As the MSP’s tool of choice, VSA by Kaseya helps monitor, manage, and script solutions in a way Dynamic never thought possible. There has been no looking back.

“We strive to be the best and we picked Kaseya because they are the best. We have re-invented ourselves in multiple ways and at multiple layers since we started using Kaseya,” said Russ Stewart, VP and Technical Director at Dynamic Computing Inc. “I really see Kaseya as a platform and every time they release something new it opens the door to new ways of doing something we are already doing, in a better way.”

Recently, the company decided to roll out a communication offering. After much research, they picked a VoIP vendor and brainstormed over the deployment and management of the new service. Making this task more complicated was the requirement to install five different components for the project to succeed. Moreover, they needed to run separate tests to validate the successful installation of each component and figure out the missing ones, if any. Once again, the company turned to Kaseya for their expertise. Living up to its reputation, Kaseya provided Dynamic the support and tools they needed to plan and implement this project with zero hassle.

A Track Record of Innovation

Deploying the Kaseya IT Complete platform has been a game changer for Dynamic Computing. “Once I understood what Kaseya could do and the potential it holds, I recognized it was really a platform, a platform we needed to invest in,” said Stewart. “It was going to be the building block for so many things we already did, that could have been done better, scaled better, managed better and be done more consistently.”

Impressed by the features VSA and the Kaseya IT Complete platform had to offer, Stewart added, “VSA is integrated into everything and it’s our primary tool for gathering all sort of information and then harness that information with the pre-built report that we created. They also have a great track record of improvement over time. So every iteration gets a little bit better and that adds much more value to the product as a whole. When Kaseya came out with new versions of VSA LiveConnect and remote control, it was a huge bonus and saved us a lot of time. It is very quick and only getting more reliable over time. I was really excited to see the new stuff they were rolling into it.”

The Kaseya IT Complete Platform

Managed services is one of the fastest growing business models in the IT space and everyone wants a bite. MSPs feeling the squeeze on their margins could use all the technology help they can get to score new opportunities.

Fueled by this thought and the drive to keep MSPs ahead of the curve, Kaseya IT Complete gives MSPs solutions that help drive and run their business and the industry’s most comprehensive set of revenue-generating solutions.

Kaseya IT Complete is the platform and technologies MSPs need to both manage clients, and gain a low-cost structure that comes from embracing new MSP 2.0 market economics.

Kaseya IT Complete helps MSPs to:

  • Operate more cost-efficiently with the use of a next-generation PSA built specifically for MSPs
  • Expand revenue by exploiting next-generation RMM functionality
  • Redirect money saved through efficiency to MSP 2.0 emerging solutions that address deepening SMB technology needs

And much more.

Learn more about how to grow your business with IT Complete, Click here.

To know more about how Kaseya helped Dynamic Computing, Click here.


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