The Gift of MSP Growth: How to Leverage Problems to Unlock Your Potential

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MSPs are expected to hit the ball out of the park each time. Their role is expanding and they are carrying a much wider chunk of corporate IT needs, compared to what they used to just a few years ago. Being reached out to  businesses of all sizes — large and small, they are looked upon to provide expertise on a diverse range of tools and technology. To top that, they face stiff competition from peers to secure their clientele. While MSPs try hard to grapple with this new situation, mistakes can have stiff penalties and at times can also mess with their cash flow.  

The Silver Lining

Here’s the good news: Powerful problems drive powerful dreams. With the right mindset and prep work, you can not only solve your most dominant problems but also unlock the true potential of your MSP and earn steady, recurring revenue for years to come. Let’s discuss the top three problems that keep MSPs up at night.

Commanding Centrally

Ask any IT guy, it’s no fun having to toil between multiple interfaces to keep track of your devices and operations. As an MSP you perform a multitude of operations ranging from discovery and audit, inventory, monitoring, automation, remote management, mobility management, security, patch management, backup and recovery, policy management, service desk, analytics and reporting. It should be you driving these operations and not the other way round.

Dealing with point solutions costs way more than just productivity. Count up the minutes lost daily when an IT staff member transitions from one point solution to the next to troubleshoot and resolve a problem. Consolidated tracking and reporting become difficult and cumbersome, and that’s just the beginning.

Once you get it right, a complete and consistent picture of your entire IT infrastructure helps you make the connections and insights to drive meaningful process improvements. The immediate benefits include:

  • Complete visibility into all areas of your network and infrastructure
  • Identify systems or processes that are inefficient or out of compliance
  • Full reporting on IT performance and uptime
  • Powerful root-cause and correlation analysis


Working extra hours is the new MSP normal. Result? An overworked workforce with decreased quality, lower morale and increased burnout, that continues to crank away at a never-ending to-do list. MSPs have too much to do and very few resources to do it. We are talking about mind-numbing, time-consuming maintenance tasks such as patch and anti-malware management, software updates and routine audits. Should MSP techs keep running after daily chores that eat away their productivity or focus on stuff that really contributes to the revenue?

In situations like these, automation can be the shortcut to help you be more efficient and transform your operations into a well-oiled machine. If done right, the results are phenomenal. The immediate benefits include:

  • Simplified patch management
  • Ability to audit the entire IT infrastructure and environment continuously and automatically
  • Automatic ticket creation to document the fix, or escalate if remediation doesn’t work
  • Ensure all patch and malware updates are installed on distributed systems
  • Minimize the risk of password-related security breaches by automatically changing and expiring passwords

And so much more.

Remote Management

Though we are mentioning it here, remote management should have taken the first spot on this list. The proliferation of cloud, mobile tech, MSP software solutions, security and integration requirements makes getting projects done on time the number one IT management challenge. MSPs need remote control capabilities to keep tabs on these distributed users, devices and services without bothering end users, and spending all day putting out one fire after another.

Get it right and remote management allows you to be proactive and eliminate ‘unplanned activities’ before they happen. And do it automatically, based on policies you create depending on your own business and technical requirements. A greater challenge here is finding the right vendor to work with.

The Bottom Line

Organizations are moving away from an on-premises model to cloud first and now cloud only. AI has been gaining traction over the last few years and will play a more central role in the automation space, in times to come. Very few might disagree with the notion that what’s latest and greatest today may become obsolete two years from now. Change can an unsettling thing and it’s normal to be a bit pessimistic.

To say that the managed service landscape will also witness dramatic changes is an understatement. But remember that most innovations came from seeing an opportunity where others just see an issue. Being the first to market with a new product or service gives your MSP a major advantage at gaining new clients and making more money.

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