VSA Supports Millions of Epayments, Keeps Traffic Flowing in Malaysia

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We have all seen and appreciate the convenience of simply driving right through a toll plaza. Where there used to be massive backups, we now breeze on by, paying the toll electronically and automatically.

There is massive digital infrastructure to replace these tolls. There is also technology to make sure consumers have enough money in their accounts to pay the tolls, and not dinged with fines.

In Malaysia, that is where Touch ‘n Go (TNG), the nation’s the largest epayments company, comes in. Touch ‘n Go drives all the payments for the entire country’s highway system. That means Touch ‘n Go’s 200-plus endpoint systems have to be up and running to help process 7 million transactions per day and up to 800 vehicles per hour.

This requires managing thousands of endpoints, which in this case are card reloaders. Drivers must put cash onto their cards so they do not run out of funds and have transactions rejected. These endpoints, or reloading stations, are all over the country — in ATMs, TNG hubs, petrol stations, and highway service stations.

While the company has its hands full with the highway system, it is also moving into retail outlets, parking, and theme park locations – with more to come. This growth drives an even greater need for endpoint reliability.

That is why TNG relies on VSA, the remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution from Kaseya to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, repair and maintain its exploding base of endpoints.

Raymond Wong, head of operations support for TNG, takes care of all these reloading devices and cash points scattered across the country. “Prior to Kaseya, whenever there was a request for maintenance, we were required to be on site to manage and troubleshoot the problem,” Wong remembers. “Given average traveling, it takes about two hours to be onsite. Then there is the troubleshooting. Then it takes about another two hours to get back,” Wong explains. “After implementing Kaseya, I don’t need to send my people down to do the troubleshooting. We can do this remotely from our headquarters.”

Meanwhile, “Simple problems like password reset are now being assigned to our helpdesk agents whereas before a field engineer had to go on site to reset them,” says Noor Farilla Abdullah, Chief Operating Officer.

This is not a benefit just for TNG, but users as well. “The users benefit from having the problems resolved in a timely way with less downtime to the host machines. End users have their host system up in a very short time,” Wong says.

TNG is now taking maximum advantage of these newfound man-hours. “As for my team, we can redeploy field engineers to manage other devices like terminals and ATM readers. This improves our turnaround time in resolving these other devices’ problems,” Wong says.

The VSA benefits run deep. “We are better able to service our customers, our customers are more satisfied, and we also exceed our service-level expectations towards our partners,” Abdullah remarks. “We are able to deploy our precious resources on more strategic matters and tasks that are more value adding in nature as opposed to six hours on the road.”

Kaseya VSA Part of a Larger Transformation Strategy

VSA is about more than convenience and saving man-hours. It is changing the very way TNG operates. “Touch ‘n Go is in the process of transformation as we go into sectors apart from just transit. We are continuously looking for areas and opportunities to automate our processes to become more productive and efficient. Kaseya has come at the right time for us to automate some very manual processes,” says Abdullah. “Implementing Kaseya is part of our roadmap for ensuring Touch ‘n Go remains relevant to our customers. We continuously explore new technologies to achieve a vision of being the No. 1 provider of electronic payments towards realizing a cashless society.”

Check out our Touch ‘n Go video here.

Read the complete Touch ‘n Go story. Then request a demo of VSA by Kaseya to see how your business can reap similar benefits.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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