Baroan Technologies Dumps StorageCraft, Veeam for Kaseya Unified Backup

Baroan Technologies

Cybercrime and ransomware break through the best defenses, even if you have layered security in place. Your layered security service is not complete unless you can take a last stand – protecting data by full, uncorrupted copies of everything your clients depend on, that are available fast, avoiding business-crippling downtime.

MSPs and their clients are now learning how true BCDR protects clients from cybercrime, makes them impervious to ransomware and allows them to survive outages and disasters.

One such provider is Baroan Technologies, a leading IT service provider that delivers CIO services, IT consulting, implementation, and tech support for a wide range of industries. This MSP vet has long been in the backup and recovery services business, using tools from StorageCraft and Veeam — but not without struggles. Neither tool could handle all situations, forcing Baroan to equip some clients with one approach, while others with the second. This meant supporting two imperfect and complex solutions.

Kaseya To The Rescue

Fortunately, Kaseya, working with the fully-owned business unit Unitrends MSP, developed Kaseya Unified Backup (KUB) – which combines cloud backup with an on-premises Linux-based appliance. “We looked at the new unified backup from Kaseya and found that it did everything that we needed,” explained Glenn Barnas, NOC manager for Baroan. “It’s a unified platform. We don’t have to manage two products and it seamlessly integrates with VSA,” Barnas said.

Being based in New Jersey, Baroan knows disasters well. “A few years ago, Super Storm Sandy hit this area pretty hard. In a disaster the scale of Sandy, many customers had to find temporary locations because their buildings were flooded out. We needed to bring them up at a new facility, get them active, and then start the recovery process. Being able to turn the recovery process over to somebody (such as with KUB) allows us to handle more customers within a reasonable amount of time in a disaster like that,” Barnas said.

A big advantage for the busy MSP is the integration of KUB with VSA by Kaseya, which streamlines management, changes, configuration, and alerting. “The challenge we had with StorageCraft is there’s no integration into VSA, which has been our RMM platform for many years. On the other hand, the Veeam interface into VSA did not give us everything we wanted, so we had to use the external Veeam portal for administration and tracking. We had two sets of alerts to deal with, those from StorageCraft, and those from Veeam. We had twice the amount of work to set those up, track them, and determine what to do with them. We’re a highly automated shop, so the fewer things that we have to define remediations for, the easier it is overall,” Barnas said.

The cloud layer was another hassle forcing a workaround. “We have components that take the data off-site, whether we were using StorageCraft or Veeam. Then we contract with yet another service provider that can take that data and spin it up virtualized. It is a more complex solution involving multiple costs and more parties. With Kaseya Unified Backup, flip a switch or make a call and we are ready to go. It really simplifies the continuity process,” Barnas said.

Test Before You Restore

A significant limitation of the on-premises Veeam solution is the lack of built-in capacity to thoroughly test backups to ensure they can restore properly, which is a standard feature of KUB in contrast. That forced Baroan to do it themselves. “For those customers on Veeam, we do a quarterly or semiannual DR test, where we actually recover to an alternate environment and verify that we can spin it up. There are costs associated with that, but it’s part of the DR planning and services that we offer,” Barnas said.

With KUB, Barnas can simply call and request a DR test, which is done without impacting the customer.

The KUB Pricing Model – Simplicity and Flexibility

With StorageCraft and Veeam, Baroan had two types of pricing for customers. There was an upfront hardware cost and then a service cost on top that for services and the cloud layer.

The KUB pricing model is quite different from the vast majority of alternatives. MSPs find that having that subscription-based model is useful for them and very attractive to clients and customers. KUB has one price, a monthly subscription fee that enables MSPs to deliver a critical service to customers that, in return, generates monthly recurring revenue for the MSP. The pricing model fundamentally changes the economics of offering backup, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Ultimately for Baroan, KUB is a game changer. The solution is simple to manage, easy to price, offers true BCDR, and fits into the MSP’s desire for recurring revenue.

Get your KUB demo here.

Read the full Baroan case study here.

Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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