IT Complete: Deep integrations and Automation make Kaseya a No-Brainer for this MSP

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Poweron Technology Services taps into the power behind Kaseya’s IT Complete platform and the single pane of glass – which make this MSP be more efficient, more effective and improve service delivery.

Poweron owner Anthony Brown explained how IT Complete, a set of Kaseya MSP solutions that form a deep and rich platform, create service efficiencies and innovation.

“The more I can automate, the less time my techs spend making site visits or spending time remotely helping a customer because those things are automatically taken care of. The more time I have to bill without actually having to do the work is going to make me a profit,” Brown says.

IT Complete helps this small MSP, which has been using Kaseya solutions for a decade, act a whole lot larger. “Poweron Tech Services is a small MSP. We provide backup, managed services and also desktop support to mainly government and education facilities,” Brown explains. “We have been using Kaseya since 2008. The work that we do probably requires 10 techs and right now we are doing it with four with ease.”

Kaseya VSA remote monitoring and management (RMM) means that Poweron techs can service endpoints, wherever they are, from the comfort of MSP headquarters. “Before I fully adopted Kaseya, it was a lot of me running out to a site or one of my techs running out to a site – or I didn’t have enough people to do this work so I’m hiring people,” Brown says.

That comfort level led Poweron to adopt more solutions from the IT Complete stack. “If you have people that are happy with the tools, and more people are happy with Kaseya, they stay longer. They are comfortable. They know the tool and the tool helps us do things very easily,” Brown recalls.

Single Pane of Glass

A single interface, or pane of glass, is key to the multi-function VSA and other IT Complete solutions. A single pane of glass means Poweron techs are not wasting time switching from one tool to the next, which also comes with a steep learning curve to master all these solutions. “If you have to learn five different tools, you’re losing a lot of valuable time — especially tech time when you have to hire people to perform these jobs. If you have one pane of glass and you can automate a lot of this stuff between the tools that are integrated — it’s a no brainer,” Brown believes.

The Meaning of IT Complete

IT Complete brings the integrated set of tools that constitute VSA to a whole new level. “IT Complete means I can log into to one tool and get everything I need whether it be backup, anti-virus, malware protection, anything I need to provide for my customer – I can get it. It makes me more efficient, more nimble and helps me with my service delivery,” he says. The MSP market is hotly competitive, and Brown is always looking for an edge.  “When (clients) are comparing apples to apples, tech A offers apples, and tech B also offers apples. What makes a customer go with me instead of the others selling those same apples? It’s how efficiently I provide the service and how quickly I can get it done,” Brown says.

Poweron has two new additions to its roster from the IT Complete stable, including IT Glue with automates IT documentation. “Two years ago we adopted IT Glue and integrated IT Glue into everything. We also use RapidFire Tools,” Brown says. RapidFire offers compliance, auditing and security solutions. “To go into one tool and fire off a report, or do compliance reports – with everything coming from VSA – that’s going to be awesome.”

Kaseya Unified Backup (KUB) Powers BCDR Service

A big part of many MSPs’ service portfolio is backup, even better if they can offer true BCDR, which Poweron today provides. “All of our customers (education facilities, the government), are crazy about their data – they don’t want it up in the cloud and don’t want anyone to have access – they want it on-premises. Kaseya Unified Backup gives me the best of both worlds,” he explains. “I can put a box there on their premises, and back up their data. It doesn’t have to go to the cloud, but at some point when they open their eyes and see the light and say “Hey we really should be backing this up on the cloud” I can flip a switch and they have it on-premises and in the cloud also.”

One of the latest IT Complete innovations is VSA incorporating network-monitoring features pioneered by Kaseya Traverse, and all available from the VSA pane of glass. “I think the future of the product is bright. That is where VSA holds its value, when you can integrate as much as you can into that one single pane of glass without it actually being modular. You didn’t put in a module you integrated it and that’s awesome,” Brown concludes.


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Posted by Doug Barney
Doug Barney was the founding editor of Redmond Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner, Redmond Developer News and Virtualization Review. Doug also served as Executive Editor of Network World, Editor in Chief of AmigaWorld, and Editor in Chief of Network Computing.
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